Michael Cole On Difficulty Of 3 Hour RAWs, John Cena's Heat, Lawler's Heart Attack, More

John Cena's current heat: "I think there's a reason for that. Rock's fresh. He's not here all the time. Even during this run he's missed a few Raw's then comes back then miss a few Raw's, so Rock's fresh. He's different and he's bringing in a ton of new faces to our product because he's a movie star. Arguably the hottest movie star in the world right now. So he's bringing in a ton of new faces. He's fresh, people watch him, people think it's cool that a movie star is our champion. John is there every day. He's been there for a decade. He's in the trenches every single day. He's at every live event. He's on television every single week. He's at every single PPV. I think that there's a familiarity there. I think that fans of our product who watch it religiously and don't miss a show, follow the inside workings of this, I think that characters like John to guys like yourself can get stale. I think that's what our fans vocalize. I don't think its dislike for John Cena; I think they appreciate everything John does. John is the most wonderful human being on the planet. He's one of these guys, Ill preface this by saying he's one of my closest friends in the business, but John has not changed in ten years here. John is one of these guys who has never changed who he is when he became famous. He's the same guy that he was when he first walked in that door 10 years ago. He's the same guy that'll sit down in a lounge a chair and have a beer with you and put on some country music and shoot pool. He's that way today just like he was 10 years ago. John does so much and you cannot overstate what John does not only for this company but for the charity organizations out there. When you grant over 300 wishes and being as busy and in demand as John Cena is, that says something about the man's character. Granting 300 wishes, you're not doing that for publicity. The Susan G Komen for the Cure, we did the breast cancer awareness for the first time last year, that was all John's idea. John came to the company and said, 'hey, listen, let's do this.' Next thing you know, we've got pink ropes and the pink ribbon all over the place and it was John's idea. He felt passionately about that. So I don't think the fans, unless they're idiots, which I don't think our fans are, some maybe, but I don't think it's a dislike of Cena personally.
I don't want to see [a heel turn] happen. I love John how he is from a character standpoint. He loves the adversity. The one thing about John is that John will start out getting booed out of the building, whether he's in a match or a promo, I guarantee you by the end of the match the fans are going to be applauding him and standing on their feet for what he either said or what he did in the ring. No matter what happens Sunday at Wrestlemania, no matter what happens in that match with Rock, I guarantee you that there will be a show of respect for both Cena and Rock at the end of that match. They may boo Cena out of MetLife Stadium, which they probably will because it's a New York crowd, but I guarantee you by the time that's over there will be respect there."

His favorite calls / matches: "There were two that stand out. I've been doing this for so long, people always ask me, 'what was your favorite match?' 'What do you think of this rivalry?' I don't remember. I don't remember what happened two weeks ago sometimes on Raw that's why I keep unbelievable notes in my iPad because I seriously don't remember. We do so much programming, I call so many shows it's hard to keep this stuff straight. But the one match that really stands out for me is the night, it was in February a number of years ago, I think it was No Way Out PPV, it was the night that Eddie won the WWE Championship from Brock and that call to me was my favorite, still to this day because I was real close with Eddie and I felt that that night when he won. This was really the crowning achievement for him. I lived through him with that. I called Mick Foley's first championship match. I was sort of thrown into that because that's when JR was sick so I really didn't know what I was doing. I told Mick the other day that I wish that it happened like 5 years later so I could actually know what I was doing when I called it. Mick said, 'hey, you did fine, it was wonderful.' But the Eddie-Brock match was one. Undertaker-Shawn Michaels was a very emotional one. Shawn and I over the years had become really close. I can tell this story because Shawn and I talk about it all the time, we've actually talked about it on a DVD; I couldn't stand him when I started in this company. I could not stand him for a number of reasons. But when he came back from his injury we got to know each other and got real close. We both live in Texas. We have a lot of the same interests; we hunt, we fish together. Actually, I'm the voice of his outdoor show, Macmillan River Adventures, on the Outdoor Channel. Calling that match to me was very emotional. The third match was last year's Wrestlemania between Rock and Cena. It was fabulous, tremendous match to call. Probably thinking about it now, probably the best match I've ever called was the one a few weeks ago when Cena beat Punk to keep his opportunity to face Rock at Wrestlemania. It was like a three or four segment match on Monday Night Raw. It was incredible match and obviously when the guys have matches like that it makes our job easier. I very rarely at this point in my career go back and listen to a match that I called. I just don't do it. I've got so much stuff going on that I just don't have time. But I actually went back and listened to that match and I was very, very proud of that work. I had both Punk and Cena come to me and say, 'listen that was fabulous.' I think a lot of it has to do again with the fact that, remember how JR was Steve [Austin]'s guy and JR got really emotional because him and Steve were so close. I think a lot of that happens with John and I because I am close with John. It's just like anything else, when you're emotionally attached to something, you're going to be a little more into than you normally would. Plus that match was fabulous anyway. That was probably the favorite match that I've ever called."

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