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- The opening theme and pyro kick us off as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The Miz makes his entrance as Tony Chimel announces that this will be a handicap match and we see that JBL is on color commentary alongside Cole. The Prime Time Players make their entrance. Wade Barrett interrupts before the bell can ring and he cuts a promo on his way down and says he will relish Miz' demise as he joins commentary.

Handicap Match - The Miz vs. The Prime Time Players

Miz takes control of Darren Young early and goes for the figure-4 but Young slips to the floor for a time-out as we go to our first commercial.

Back to action in the ring as Titus O'Neil hits a shoulderblock on Miz to take control. Titus hits a scoop slam and tags in Young. Miz takes control of Young and gets 2 off a vicious clothesline. Barrett says Miz is doing a good job against two men but he will feel like he's in there with 22 men against him this Sunday.

Titus and Young trade tags and keep control of Miz. Miz comes back with a kick to the face of a seated Young and sends him to the floor to once again regroup. Titus helps his partner back in and Miz hits a backbreaker then a neckbreaker for 2 as we go to break.

Titus is in control of Miz in the ring as we return. Miz fights out of an abdominal stretch but Titus catches him and tosses him over his head and gets 2. Darren Young tag back in and works Miz over. Miz fights up from a headlock and hits a reverse elbow out of the corner. Miz shoot the double leg takedown and hits some ground and pound.

Young is quicker to get up and strikes Miz back down for a near fall. Titus tags in and suplexes Young on top of Miz and he gets 2. Another 2 by Titus. Titus rushes into the corner but Miz moves. Miz makes it to his feet as Titus makes the tag to Young. Miz kicks Titus off the apron and comes off the top with a double axe handle on Darren for 2.

Young tries to fight back but Miz plants him with a DDT but Titus breaks the cover. Miz pulls the rope down and Titus flies to the floor. Young gets a near fall off a suplex into a bridge. Miz recovers from a distraction by Titus from the floor and kicks him through the ropes. Miz applies the figure-4 on Young for the win.

Winner by submission: The Miz

Miz looks over at Barrett from inside the ring and glances at the WrestleMania sign. Barrett gets up and raises his title as we see a replay.

- We see Vince McMahon's tweet about his "big reveal" on Friday.

- They show the entire footage of The Undertaker being interrupted by druids on RAW and getting attacked by CM Punk. Their match graphic is shown with comments from Cole.

- We go to footage from the Triple H-Lesnar segment from RAW. Their match graphic is shown with comments from Cole.

- Back from a break as we go to the Zeb Colter-Jack Swagger promo from in front of the Capitol Building. The match graphic is shown.

- We segue to Matt Striker in the back with The Big Show. Striker asks him if he's turning over a new leaf. Show says Orton and Sheamus want him to be at his most intense, cruel, and vicious state. He says "those rookies" picked a fight with a giant which was a dumb move. He says the only leaf he is turning is this one: he lifts his fist. We go to break.

- The Rock-Cena redemption video package takes us off the air.

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