Full Report From Today's WrestleMania 29 Press Conference

- Cole brings out Mark Henry next. Henry declares himself the strongest man in the world. He says as easily as you see his smile, it can leave his face in a heartbeat. Henry says Ryback almost got broken by trying to break his world record. Henry says he's proud to be from Texas but lives right here in Harlem. Henry says there's no greatest stage than WrestleMania and the past 17 years are the best of his life. Henry gets a little emotional and says he will not embarrass himself at WrestleMania. He says Ryback is in a lot of trouble. Cole brings out NJ Sports & Exposition Authority CEO Wayne Hasenbalg. He talks about how fun WWE is and the experience of getting to host WrestleMania 29.

Hasenbalg talks about how WWE has gone above and beyond to help the community. He guarantees that MetLife will be rocking on April 7th. He says they will be ready and thanks everyone. Cole brings out CM Punk next, after hyping his historic WWE Title reign. Punk says he's not here to bore us about stuff like Vince did earlier. He says WrestleMania is about legends. Punk says he's a bit different and references how he's dressed - jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt. Punk says legends and streaks are made to be broken. He says Punk vs. Undertaker is what everyone will be talking about on Monday. Punk says he will break the streak and The Undertaker. Cole introduces WWE Champion The Rock next.

Rock talks about how he just landed and seems a little bit scatter-brained. He talks about coming up in the business 15 years ago. Rock says for everything to come full circle in the NY/NJ area is big. He talks about his lineage in the wrestling world. Rock talks about what this event means to the McMahon family and his own family. He mentions his late grandfather and the late Vince McMahon Sr. Rock is fumbling his words and doesn't seem together at all. Rock thanks the fans and the media. He says he can chase Vin Diesel or battle Cobra in GI Joe but nothing compares to beating John Cena's candy ass. He can't wait to do that at WrestleMania. Rock gives Cena props and tells him to get ready because it's time to electrify.

John Cena is out next. He takes a shot at how CM Punk was dressed. He says he watched WrestleMania 28 last night but believes this Sunday will eclipse that. Cena says something in French and something in Chinese. Cena says everyone is excited to be in the center of entertainment, the center of the world. He says they have the best product, the best show. Cena predicts a few surprises, some magic moments and for all to be entertained at WrestleMania. Cole brings The Rock back out for a photo op. Rock and Cena come face to face as Diddy and Biggie's Victory plays. The WrestleMania music hits as Big Show, Del Rio, The Bella Twins, Triple H, Fandango, The Great Khali, Natalya, Vince, Punk and others come out for a big group shot. Vince raises the arms of Cena and Rock. Cole thanks everyone for coming.

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