JR On If Cena's Teasing A Heel Turn, Undertaker's Condition, How Paul Bearer's Death Has Been Used

If it seems Cena has been teasing a heel turn: "It seems that way. Last night, I was going into the show thinking that Rock won last year, so Cena will automatically win this year to even their big match rivalry at one apiece. But after last night, I'm not so sure that's going to happen. I was intrigued that Cena's promo was a little bit edgy. I thought, is that just the character, the persona, being what it's cast to be, or is it the human being processing what I said earlier? We have to follow everything. We have to close the show. It's game day for us. So I don't know. It's provocative to me because I try to stay away from all the creative stuff. I don't want to know what's going to happen. I don't have any desire to know the end of the movie. I want to see it unfold. So, I'm somewhat intrigued by the whole process, especially after last night's RAW."

How many times a day he's asked on Twitter if Cena's going to turn heel: "I can't count [laughter]. I have a lot of standard questions on Twitter. It's quite the adventure. The Twitterverse is a very unique world we live in, social media wise. That's certainly one of the most prominent ones [questions]. What I don't understand is this. You already have half the audience who boo him. They're the same ones that want him to be a bad guy. But they're already booing him. What do you want? You want him to be a bad guy so now what? You can cheer him? I don't get it sometimes. It's a confounding conundrum, to say the least, the demographic of WWE and their male fan base that like to boo John Cena. An old promoter told me one time, "As long as there's a rear end every 18 inches, it doesn't matter." They're a ticket buyer, and they've paid there way in so it doesn't matter."

The way Paul Bearer's death has been used in the buildup to Undertaker vs. Punk: "I thought the end to the program last night was very controversial. People that are really into the inner workings of the business, by and large, loved it. Those that are casual fans and still believe that pro wrestling is real, and the man on the moon, the moon walk was fake, they didn't like it. I can tell you from knowing Bill Moody, aka Paul Bearer, for 20 years, that he is in heaven loving it. He would have loved it because it's keeping his character, his persona, in a prominent role going into the biggest event of the year; in what arguably could be the Undertaker's last match. I don't know how many more Wrestlemania's the Undertaker believes he has in him. I think it's safe to say that he has wrestled more main events at Wrestlemania than the Undertaker has left. I thought it was controversial, but it seems like controversy, in this day and time, is profitable more often than not."

What kind of shape the Undertaker is currently in: "Well, he's in great shape, as good as it can be. He's just like an old baseball pitcher that used to throw heat, and now his throw's chilling. The bottom line is he still gets people out and he still is able to help you get a "W." I think that's where we are with the Undertaker. His body is worn and he's had tears and surgeries. Still mentally tough, physically tough, and still dedicated to his profession. I know that he's never going to compromise his body of work to have one more payday. So I know we'll see him have a great match on Sunday against CM Punk, who's another phenomenal performer. But he works through the pain. Not many guys I know would do what he's doing right now, but he loves it that much. It's not a need for cash. It's not a need for he needs one more payday. He's got all the money he needs. He loves what he does, and as long as he can keep the quality of his work up he's going to continue to do it."

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