JR On If Cena's Teasing A Heel Turn, Undertaker's Condition, How Paul Bearer's Death Has Been Used

If there is a match on the card that he thinks can steal the show, despite not being a main event: "This kid Fandango is a lightening rod. People either hate him, which is kind of ironic again because he's cast as a villain, so you're supposed to hate him, but then some will overanalyze that and say well yeah, but it's the wrong kind of hate. It's the go away hate. But they haven't seen the kid build a bill yet. I have, down in our training area, very gifted young athlete. He's kind of a Gorgeous George like character. I remember reading Lou Thesz's book, called Hooker, ironically enough, and Lou was never real high on Gorgeous George's persona, but Lou respected Gorgeous George as a real wrestler. I think the fans just haven't got a chance to see Fandango yet and I can tell you that Chris Jericho will do all he can to steal the show. I've kind of had my eye on that match for those reasons. I think it may be a sleeper."

Chris Jericho: "He's very very skilled, very talented in a lot of areas. Hell, he almost won Dancing With The Stars. He's got a rock band. He's got a television show on Syfy. The guy's multi-talented. He's very passionate about being good. Not average, not okay, but being really good, and I think he'll push Fandango, whose real name is Johnny Curtis, to the max on Sunday. It should be a lot of fun."

Bruno Sammartino: "I tell ya, if all the guys in the Hall of Fame were sitting at a table, they would all leave the head of the table vacant until Bruno got there. He dominated a wrestling territory, and the fans in St. Louis can identify with Sam Muchnick's amazing run as a promoter there, week after week, month after month, year after year, and Bruno was the champion for one run for eight years. So his act in the market in New York City was amazing. He sold out Madison Square Garden 188 times, and he sold it out again this Saturday. A fitting honor, and I never thought it would happen. I'm very very happily surprised that it is."

If there is a particular speech he is looking forward to hearing this Saturday: "Oh man. That whole world changes once you get up there. I had a speech written for 2007, and I completely went off script and just talked from my heart, and I think a lot of will do that. I think Mick Foley will give a very impassioned speech because he was an overachieving, average high school athlete, who grew up in Long Island. His dad was an athletic director. Mick used to hitch hike to the Garden from Long Island, which is not easy, and go to the wrestling shows there. I think Mick's will be very very entertaining. I think Bruno's will be very poignant, because when you hear Bruno's story of hiding out in the mountains as a kid, hiding from the Nazis, and all these things as his challenges growing up and almost dying, all the crimes that were perpetrated on his family and his village in Italy, World War II. I think it's going to be very poignant. The Bruno chants will be loud and long on Saturday night, without question."

If he'll be involved at Wrestlemania on Sunday: "Well, I don't know. I'm not being evasive. I don't have an assignment as of right now. I'm kind of like the Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky. I'm in the bullpen, going through my crazy mannerisms, and I'm ready to come in and get somebody out if you need it. If I'm needed, I'm there. If not, I'll enjoy the view from wherever I am. I'm not being evasive. I'm not being cute. I don't know. I'm always ready to roll if they need me, and last year I got an assignment sort of late. Thanks to Vince McMahon I was called out of the pen to call the Undertaker and Triple H match. I'm hoping something along those lines happens again. If so, then I'll have a blast."

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