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- Impact begins with the usual recap of previous weeks' events.

- We go to crowd shots from Arkansas State University. Aces & 8's music hits and D-Lo Brown leads the men through the crowd and into the ring. Bully Ray is not there. Mr. Anderson grabs the mic and he has a black package that he calls "the cut" that he offers to AJ Styles if he joins them. Devon has an envelope that he says will bring a new meaning to "changed relationship." He calls Bully, Bubba. D-Lo takes the mic and he has a letter from TNA headquarters that terminated him. He wants officials to come out and tell him "why" to his face.

Kurt Angle's music hits and he gets in the ring and takes D-Lo down with a double-leg and is swarmed. Samoa Joe, Magnus, Joseph Park, and Eric Young come and clean house and stand tall in the ring.

- Joey Ryan offers to be the Knockouts referee tonight. He threatens to show his zebra print thong to Brooke. She reluctantly tells him he can do it but as long as he doesn't touch the girls.

Knockouts Tag Match: Tara & Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky Taryn Terrell

Joey Ryan starts to check the girls' legs for foreign objects. He slaps Velvet on the butt and Tara attacks her as the bell rings. Ryan starts to massage Velvet's shoulders and she tags Taryn. Ryan is more interested in her assets than counting the fall. Velvet tags back in for a double shoulderblock on Tara. Ryan gets into position in a sleazy way but doesn't make the count.

Gail Kim stacks Velvet up for a pin but Ryan stares at her butt. Ryan pulls Tara off Velvet which prompts Jesse to take off his shirt on the apron; Tara holds him back. Velvet avoids a standing moonsault from Tara and tags Taryn who speeds things up against Gail. Taryn hits a crossbody off the top onto Gail. Things break down as Ryan is smitten with Gail. She seduces him in the corner and he starts to oil himself while Taryn rolls Gail up. Gail finally reverses and grabs the tights as Ryan makes the quick count.

Winners by pin: Gail Kim & Tara

Ryan raises the winners' hands on the ramp but Gail disses him and walks up the ramp. Ryan gets back in the ring and Taryn and Velvet tease him before Taryn hits him with a low blow from behind.

- Back from a break as Roode & Aries are in the ring with Chavo & Hernandez for their contract signing. They say they are not the world tag champions but a team of world champions. They ask if Chavo & Hernandez have ever been world champion. Chavo says he is a Guerrero.

Roode & Aries joke around about the stipulations and say they want green M&M's, a fruit basket, and more money. Aries writes it on the contract. Chavo writes something. Roode whispers another stip and Aries writes it down. JB announces that it will be 2 out of 3 falls and if Chavo & Hernandez lose, they will never team together again. All parties sign.

- Adam Pearce warms up in the back as we see his Gut Check video package.

- We return from a break to a video package for Gut Check contestant Magno. He is a masked luchador that narrates in Spanish but he ends with English.

- JB introduces Pearce followed by Magno.

Gut Check: Adam Pearce vs. Magno

They spend some time feeling each other out. Pearce hits a high back bodydrop and scrambles for a 2. Magno botches something off the ropes but transitions into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Magno springs off the ropes and crashes onto Pearce awkwardly and gets 2.

Pearce catches Magno and hits a spinebuster for 2. Magno comes back with a flurry and clotheslines Pearce to the floor. Magno goes up top and hits a moonsault to the outside. Pearce stacks Magno up in the ring and holds the ropes for leverage for the win.

Winner by pin: Adam Pearce

- The Sting-Hogan confrontation from last week is highlighted as we go to break.

- AJ Styles is approached by Mr. Anderson and company in the back. Anderson says they like his new outlook on life and he hands AJ a vest and tells him to think about it. As Mr. Anderson leaves he says, "It looks good." His facial expressions here were really good here and he seems more comfortable than he has been in years.

- We see a recap of the Bully Ray, Sting, and Hogan situation. Hogan is asked in the back if there is an update on Sting. Hogan says there is but we need warriors and not politicians. He goes to the ring to find one.

- Joseph Park tells Kurt Angle in the back that he is an inspiration and he will stand with Angle against Aces & 8's. Angle tells him to just follow his lead. The overzealous Park leaves as Angle shakes his head and does jumping jacks.

- Hulk Hogan gets in the ring and calls out AJ Styles out because he is done making mistakes. AJ walks out with the Aces & 8's vest and gets in the ring. Hogan says he gets that AJ is under pressure, as he runs down AJ's recent angles. Hogan says TNA needs AJ Styles, but the dangerous AJ. The crowd chants for AJ.

AJ finally asks, "You want me to help you?" as James Storm's music hits. Storm gets in the ring and says they all lose big matches but what got to him was when AJ watched him get beat down by Aces & 8's last week. Storm continues his fiery promo and says he and AJ have travelled every mile together and have been on every show together. Storm tells him to clock out before he gets knocked out.

AJ and Storm get face to face but AJ leaves the ring as he stares at the Aces & 8's "cut" and ponders. We go to commercial.

- During The Break: Hogan is approached outside in the night sky. He is fired up and says he is done sucking up to AJ and that he has one week to make a decision.

X-Division Qualifying Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams

Dutt is out first followed by Andrews and Williams. They show highlights of each man's moves as he makes his entrance which is a nice touch.

We start with quick near falls. Williams hits a suicide dive to take Andrews into the security rail. Dutt goes for a dive but they move and he kisses the floor. Andrews and Williams go at it in the ring as Dutt is kept on the floor. Andrews hits an elbow to the back of Williams from the 2nd buckle and gets 2.

Dutt gets back in the mix with a springboard dropkick to both men. Dutt hits a beautiful dive onto Andrews for 2. Dutt and Williams have a nice exchange and Williams gets 2. Andrews brings Williams off the top with a hurricanrana, Dutt hits Andrews with an inverted DDT. Dutt misses with a moonsault off the top, Andrews hits him with a flying knee. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Andrews for the win.

Winner by pin: Petey Williams

- Bully Ray speaks to his brothers in the back over beer. He isn't in a good mood and he says it's Kurt Angle's fault. He says nobody pisses on their parade. Devon asks him if he's ready to deal with the Brooke thing. Bully jokes that he misses his wife. They tease him. Bully says he is going to go out there and hand her the envelope so they can all move on.

- Back from a break as Christy Hemme introduces Aces & 8's for our 10-Man Tag. Devon, Wes, Garett, Knux, and DOC come to the ring. Team TNA is out next and Aces & 8's clears the ring for them.

Aces & 8's vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Eric Young, and Joseph Park

Angle brings Wes in the hard way over the top and begins to hand his butt to him. Wes tags out and Garett comes in for punishment from the gold medalist. Angle tags Magnus who resumes where Angle leaves off. Joe tags in for the same.

Garett rakes Joe's eyes and escapes to tag Devon. Joe takes it to Devon with signature offense and gets 2. Knux tags in and gets the better of Joe but not for long. Joe tags Young who starts to get overtaken by Knux. EY tosses him to the floor and follows with a crossbody as we go to break.

Knux is in control of EY as we return and kicks Young over the top rope. Knux brings him back in the ring and tags DOC. Aces & 8's continues to maintain control of Young with quick tags.

Young makes the hot-tag to Park who single-handedly takes out Aces & 8's. The all mix it up as bodies fly. Devon misses with a headbutt from up top on Park. DOC hits Park with a low-blow from behind to steal the win.

Winners by pin: Aces & 8's

- Hulk and his daughter talk in the back. He doesn't want her to go out there. She says she wants to get it over with and she will have a couple of guys for security. He tells her she needs more than 2.

- Bully Ray makes his entrance on the other side of the break. He makes a little boy move from in front of him instead of walking around. Bully slaps hands with Taz at ringside and asks Taz why these people are touching him.

Bully gets in the ring with a manila envelope and his world title. He cuts a promo about his Full Metal Mayhem match against Jeff Hardy in 7 days. Bully changes gears and asks his "beautiful wife" to come to the ring. Brooke comes out with 2 guards; they open the ropes and she gets in alone.

Bully says, "Hi honey." He asks Brooke where her wedding ring is and shows that he still has his on. He says he'll give her a pass this time but she should do as she is told. Bully continues with his diatribe and Brooke calls him a traitor. Bully hands her the envelope and tells her to open it.

It's a front row ticket for Impact next week. He wants her to watch him beat Hardy for the 2nd time. He tells her to looks as beautiful as ever because lately she has let herself go. Brooke slaps him and he laughs. Bully says she is pathetic and gets in her face. Brooke looks disturbed as Hardy's music hits and he comes out and puts Bully through a table.

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