- ESPN has an article about WWE's use of social media and Vince McMahon waiting until WrestleMania to start tweeting. The article also noted that McMahon's "big reveal" on Twitter is expected to come at 10pm ET tonight. PWInsider reported earlier this week that he will be revealing who will sing "America the Beautiful" at WrestleMania 29. I noted earlier to not be surprised if Alicia Keys ends up with the gig, but that's not official.

- The Associated Press has an article about WrestleMania, which you can read at this link. In the article, it was noted that several part-time stars were headlining this year's big matches, and The Rock offered a piece of advice to the locker room.

"For the guys in the locker room, it has to be more than just, 'I'm ready to carry the company,'" Rock said. "It has to be, 'I'm ready to carry the company and then I'm ready to carry the company to places it's never been.' That's hard to do considering the precedent that's already been set."

- MTV interviewed the Rock after yesterday's WrestleMania press conference. During the interview, Rock revealed why he's competing at WrestleMania this Sunday.

"It's just an opportunity to give back to a business that I grew up in," Rock said. "A business that gave me a platform to entertain and provided me an opportunity to go after my dreams."

You can watch the interview here.

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