Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- JB introduces Pearce followed by Magno.

Gut Check: Adam Pearce vs. Magno

They spend some time feeling each other out. Pearce hits a high back bodydrop and scrambles for a 2. Magno botches something off the ropes but transitions into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Magno springs off the ropes and crashes onto Pearce awkwardly and gets 2.

Pearce catches Magno and hits a spinebuster for 2. Magno comes back with a flurry and clotheslines Pearce to the floor. Magno goes up top and hits a moonsault to the outside. Pearce stacks Magno up in the ring and holds the ropes for leverage for the win.

Winner by pin: Adam Pearce

- The Sting-Hogan confrontation from last week is highlighted as we go to break.

- AJ Styles is approached by Mr. Anderson and company in the back. Anderson says they like his new outlook on life and he hands AJ a vest and tells him to think about it. As Mr. Anderson leaves he says, "It looks good." His facial expressions here were really good here and he seems more comfortable than he has been in years.

- We see a recap of the Bully Ray, Sting, and Hogan situation. Hogan is asked in the back if there is an update on Sting. Hogan says there is but we need warriors and not politicians. He goes to the ring to find one.

- Joseph Park tells Kurt Angle in the back that he is an inspiration and he will stand with Angle against Aces & 8's. Angle tells him to just follow his lead. The overzealous Park leaves as Angle shakes his head and does jumping jacks.

- Hulk Hogan gets in the ring and calls out AJ Styles out because he is done making mistakes. AJ walks out with the Aces & 8's vest and gets in the ring. Hogan says he gets that AJ is under pressure, as he runs down AJ's recent angles. Hogan says TNA needs AJ Styles, but the dangerous AJ. The crowd chants for AJ.

AJ finally asks, "You want me to help you?" as James Storm's music hits. Storm gets in the ring and says they all lose big matches but what got to him was when AJ watched him get beat down by Aces & 8's last week. Storm continues his fiery promo and says he and AJ have travelled every mile together and have been on every show together. Storm tells him to clock out before he gets knocked out.

AJ and Storm get face to face but AJ leaves the ring as he stares at the Aces & 8's "cut" and ponders. We go to commercial.

- During The Break: Hogan is approached outside in the night sky. He is fired up and says he is done sucking up to AJ and that he has one week to make a decision.

X-Division Qualifying Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams

Dutt is out first followed by Andrews and Williams. They show highlights of each man's moves as he makes his entrance which is a nice touch.

We start with quick near falls. Williams hits a suicide dive to take Andrews into the security rail. Dutt goes for a dive but they move and he kisses the floor. Andrews and Williams go at it in the ring as Dutt is kept on the floor. Andrews hits an elbow to the back of Williams from the 2nd buckle and gets 2.

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