ROH Supercard Of Honor VII Results

Jacobs knees Mondo in the head multiple times. He tries for a Suplex, but Mondo stops it. Titus comes in and kicks Mondo in the head. Compton comes in and punches Mondo in the gut. Mondo tries to fight back, but Compton hits a clothesline. Rave comes in and chops Mondo, and then spits on him. Mondo fights back and tags in Whitmer. He cleans house, and then Coleman and Alexander hit a double dive on Titus and Compton. Mark Briscoe hits a double dropkick on Rhino and Jacobs, and then takes SCUM (minus Rave) out with a dive.

Rave hits Whitmer with an Exploder Suplex, and then Titus comes in. He attacks Whitmer, and then Alexander comes in. He tries to keep the attack up, but Jacobs comes in and hits him with a pedigree. Mondo comes in and Rhino hits him with a clothesline. Briscoe comes in and dropkicks Rhino. Rave comes in and attacks Briscoe. Whitmer comes back in and punches Rave, and then tosses him from the ring. He dives on Rave.

Corino then attacks Caleb Seltzer on commentary with a series of slaps. Corino gets into the ring and Whitmer stares at him. Rhino and Jacobs hold his arms, and Titus dropkicks him. Then Titus handcuffs Whitmer to the bottom rope. Mondo comes back in and Compton hits him with the powder. Rhino tosses him out of the ring, and then keeps the attack up.

Coleman (I believe) and Jacobs are in the ring, and Coleman tosses Jacobs from the ring. Rave comes in and spikes Rave's head into the mat. Rhino comes back in and lands a gore for the win.

Winners: SCUM

Corino then takes the mic up and says the Hardy will become the new TV champion and Steen will remain the ROH champion. Then, a very long video (as the intermission) recapping various matches throughout Jay Briscoe's career in ROH is shown.

Following that, Kevin Steen and Jay Briscoe's in ring encounter from ROH TV last week is shown. Then, a video is shown from after Steen's victory against Mark Briscoe and he promises to beat Jay tonight, along with any of his other challengers. Nigel McGuinness comes down to commentary for the second half of the PPV, replacing Caleb Seltzer.

Karl Anderson vs. Roderick Strong

As Karl Anderson is posing before the match he just barely misses getting hit in the head with a streamer.

They adhere to the code of honor. They tie up and Anderson locks in a side headlock, followed by a shoulder knockdown. They tie up again and go back and forth with wrist locks. Anderson knocks Strong down with an elbow, followed by a hip toss. Strong fights out, they go back and forth and Strong hits a dropkick. He kicks the back of Anderson's head, and then chops him in the corner. He punches Anderson in the gut several times, followed by some more chops. He whips Anderson into the corner, and charges, but runs into Anderson's boot. Anderson kicks Strong's leg out, and then kicks him in the corner.

He goes to work on Strong's leg for a few minutes. He dropkicks Strong's leg in the corner, and then slams him in the corner. Anderson elbows the back of Strong's head, and then tries for an ace crusher, but Strong reverses and drapes Strong over the barrier. He sends Anderson back into the ring and then lands a backbreaker. Strong keeps the attack up, and sets Anderson up in the corner. Strong hits a flying elbow, and then an Olympic slam for a near pin fall.

They exchange chops in the center of the ring, and Anderson lands a Spinebuster. Anderson picks Strong up on his shoulders, and Strong wiggles out and kicks Anderson in the head. He goes for the Strong Hold, but Anderson kicks Strong in the head several times. They go to the apron and exchange strikes. Anderson hits Strong with a big bicycle kick.

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