ROH Supercard Of Honor VII Results

Winners and still champions: reDRagon

Following the match, another recap of the build up to the Briscoe/Steen match tonight is shown.

Kevin Steen (c) vs. Jay Briscoe- ROH World Championship

They circle around each other. Briscoe tries to tie up, and Steen backs up. They tie up and break off. They tie up again and break off again. They tie up, and Briscoe locks in a side headlock. Steen backs him to the ropes, and Briscoe tries to bound off the ropes. Steen stops him and hits him with a shoulder. Briscoe lands a dropkick, and then whips Steen into the corner. Steen puts up an elbow. Briscoe charges him, and Steen back drops him to the outside.

They go back in the ring. Briscoe headbutts Steen, and then kicks him in the corner. He chokes Steen with his boot, and then lands several punches. He whips Steen, and then lands an elbow knockdown. He lands several strikes on Steen and whips him again, but Steen kicks him. Steen lands a DDT for a two count. Steen then punches Briscoe and backs him into the corner. He back elbows Briscoe. Briscoe comes back and keeps the attack up.

Briscoe elbows Steen in the corner multiple times. Steen picks him up on his shoulder, but Briscoe elbows his way out. He tries to lock in a waist lock, but Steen tosses him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He then chokes Briscoe on the middle rope. He tosses Briscoe into the corner, and then wraps his arm around the middle rope. He drives his boot into Briscoe's throat.

Briscoe tries to fight back with a pair of punches, but Steen goes right back to the arm. He wraps Briscoe's arm around his back, and then lands a Russian leg sweep. Briscoe comes back with a pair of headbutts, but Steen knees his shoulder. He then locks in an arm bar and Briscoe gets to the ropes. Steen backs Briscoe into the corner and charges him, but Briscoe puts up a boot. He then goes up top and flips Steen to the mat. Jimmy Jacobs runs out to try to interfere, but Mark Briscoe stops him.

Jay and Steen exchange strikes in the ring, and Jay hits a death valley driver for a near pin fall. He goes up top but Steen pops up and stops him. He tries for a superplex, but Briscoe punches him to the apron. Steen drapes Briscoe's arm over the top rope from the apron, and then lands a cannonball senton for a near pin fall. They go to the apron and Steen trips Briscoe up. He powerbombs Briscoe onto the apron.

They go back into the ring, and Steen tries to flip onto Briscoe but Briscoe put his knees up. He hits a big move on Steen and tries to pin, but SCUM runs down to the ring. They get fought off again as members of ROH come down to the ring and surround it to stop SCUM.

Steen hits the F-Cinq for a near pin fall. He goes for the package piledriver, but Briscoe lands a Superkick. Steen comes back and lands a package pile driver for a near pin fall. SCUM comes down to the ring and ROH clears them out. Matt Hardy sneaks into the ring and tries to Twist of Fate Briscoe, but Steen kicks him in the gut and and tosses him out of the ring. Briscoe hits a piledriver for a near pin fall.

Briscoe stalks Steen and tries for another pile driver. Steen locks in a crossface, and Briscoe reverses into a pin attempt. Briscoe lands a big lariat and then another piledriver for the win.

Winner and new champion: Jay Briscoe

After the match, Steen shakes Jay Briscoe's hand and congratulates him.

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