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Supercard of Honor opens up with a recap of SCUM's actions at 11th Anniversary. Then, Nigel McGuinness' promo from TV where he says he is declaring a war on SCUM is shown, with all the honor wrestlers surrounding the ring. The video is done like a back and forth between Corino and McGuinness.

Jay Briscoe is then shown saying he will defend honor with one arm if he has to, and he says that the only way Steen is leaving the PPV tonight with the belt is if he kills him.

QT Marshall and RD Evans come out to the ring. Evans grabs a mic and says that he can see everyone is excited. He says it is a huge weekend for wrestling. He says that the one question that has predominated them all is who will be Marshall's tag partner.

Evans said he scoured the globe. He says people reached out to him. He said he was in Japan, and asked if the crowd has heard of Tanahashi. The crowd chants we want wrestling, and Evans says me too. He says Japan wasn't fruitful, so he went back to Texas.

He says Lacey Von Erich asked to be his partner, but he said no. Then, he says Emilio Estevez wanted to be his partner as well, but he refused. He then says that he will be his partner. The crowd chants yes yes yes!

ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs. QT Marshall and RD Evans

They all adhere to the code of honor. Thomas and Evans start things off. Evans tries to shake Thomas' hand, and locks in a side headlock. They go back and forth, and Evans grabs his knee in faux pain and tags in QT. QT and Thomas tie up, and Thomas locks in a wrist lock. ACH comes in, and hits a springboard forearm. He punches QT several times, and then lands a hurricanrana. He chops QT in the corner, and Thomas comes in.

Thomas chops QT, and QT kicks Thomas. Evans tags himself in. They try and double team Thomas, but he grabs QT's foot and hits Evans with it. He sends Evans from the ring and locks in a side headlock on QT. QT breaks out and hits Thomas with a lariat. He stands on Thomas's head. Evans comes in and punches Thomas in the gut. He lands a knee to the gut, and then headbutts Thomas in the gut.

QT comes back in and hits a backbreaker and then Evans hits a rolling neckbreaker. ACH breaks up the pin attempt. QT hits Thomas with a standing dropkick for a near pin fall. Evans comes back in and grabs Thomas around the waist. Thomas elbows and then lands an enziguri. ACH comes in and lands a tiger mask, and then an enziguri to QT. He then locks in the tree of woe on both Evans and QT. He goes up top and hits Evans with a crossbody.

He locks a cloverleaf in on Evans and spins him around. QT breaks it up. ACH tosses Evans to the floor, and then clotheslines QT to the outside, followed by a dive. Back in the ring, Evans takes out Thomas, and then tries to dive at ACH but ACH moves and Evans takes out QT. Thomas then does a handspring dive over the ropes and takes out Evans and QT.

Thomas and ACH send QT into the ring and try to hit the double team but QT fights it off and sends Thomas from the ring. Evans comes in and hits ACH with an inverted clash. QT picks ACH up in God's Gift position and Evans goes up top. Thomas breaks it up, and Thomas and ACH hit QT with a series of kicks and kicks, culminating in ACH hitting the big bang attack on QT for the win.

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