- Brian Soscia of 106.1 interviewed Paul Heyman and noted that he bought tickets to four ECW shows right before the company shut down. Soscia complained about not getting his money refunded, and Heyman settled the debt (with interest). You can check it out in the video above.

- NJ.com has an article about WrestleMania AXXESS here.

- IGN.com has an interview with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler was asked about taking his time to cash in the "Money In The Bank" briefcase.

"We forget that eight months ago I was trying to cash it in on every Monday, Friday, Sunday, and every time it ended with my teeth getting kicked down my face," Ziggler replied. "I eventually got fed up with that and said, "The next time I do this, it has to happen. Let's make it count," and that's what I'm looking forward to. One of these times it's going to happen. Maybe it's Sunday."

- The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show interviewed WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn and was asked about her relationship with AJ.

"AJ and I have this love/hate relationship," Kaitlyn replied. "She knows me better than anyone else in this world and vice versa. So with her and I, I'm very much looking forward to finally having it out with her on TV and having this run with her, like a feud, because there's so much emotions between the two of us. It's not just about the title for me, it's personal, very emotional. I feel like we're far from settling things. It is a challenge to differentiate what is storytelling and what is a personal relationship. And sometimes they're intertwined. It's hard."

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