CM Punk Not Happy With His Rock Matches, Says 4-Way For 'Taker Match Was 'Stupid,' More

Whether the attitude in the locker room changed after the promo: "I don't know. There's always going to be a group of guys that I think are unhappy. I look at a guy right now like Dolph Ziggler, who, to me, is in exactly the same spot I was in in 2009-2010, and I see him kind of breaking out and saying a lot of the same stuff that I was saying. Everybody else, I'll use Rock as an example, is like, 'I love it, I love the Rock, he's back and its great and we're so happy,' and then you ask Dolph that; Dolph will tell you the truth now. Whereas maybe a year or two ago Dolph would have probably toed the line and said that and I think, honestly, the office is always looking for that. They're not looking for the same old same old, you've got to rock the boat and you've got to be an individual and you've got to be yourself. If I changed the attitude of the locker room, hopefully for the better, that's awesome. If I even gave just one guy a shot in the arm, a little bit of hope or somebody to look up to, awesome. But I'm not claiming to be like the locker room Gandhi or anything like that. I just kind of come to work every day and do my thing."

His dream match: "I never pictured Undertaker in this wild dream match. It was never, 'my god, I really want to wrestle the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.' I think just based off of personalities; I think Steve Austin would be the guy. As well as I know Steve, me and him when we're in the same room s--t just changes. People recognize that. There's always that thing with me and Steve where he's kind of poking me and I push back. I think a lot of guys, Steve pokes at them and they're just like, 'yes sir.' I think I was the first guy in forever that just pushed back and I think he liked that. I'm not saying anything is ever going to happen. Steve's in a great place and he's happy and for all intents and purposes, he shouldn't ever wrestle again. If time and money and all that stuff weren't an issue, yeah, Steve Austin. I'd love to wrestle Harley Race. Would love to wrestle Pat Patterson in his prime. I can talk forever about dream matches."

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