- ESPN has an article with stars discussing which WrestleMania match (other than their own) they are most looking forward to. CM Punk and Cody Rhodes picked Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, while Brodus Clay, Hornswoggle and Sgt. Slaughter picked Punk vs. The Undertaker. Fandango got some love in the story, as Paul Heyman and Kaitlyn picked his match as the one they are most looking forward to. CM Punk, Cody Rhodes and Hornswoggle also said that Fandango is most likely to steal the show.

- NewsDay has an article about Mick Foley getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at this link. They have also posted photos from the Hall of Fame ceremony here.

- Chris Jericho tweeted this photo of Foley dropping the elbow on him at last night's Hall of Fame ceremony:

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