Ryback Says WWE Needs A New Top Guy And Details Why He's More Marketable Than John Cena

If he's happy with his character: "Obviously, we can always evolve the character and I think the first step will be when I get more mic time. I think that we'll surprise a lot of people but we've kind of gone with the slow build here and it's worked perfectly. I don't know if you've seen me before but I've done some pretty stupid things out there and I'm not afraid to do anything to entertain the fans. It's all about just believing and having fun and there's nothing I'm above doing. I love who I am though and this is truly the closest thing to me that you're going to see because I'm very intense in real life and I want to be the best and that's exactly what Ryback's all about. You see guys go out there and dance, whatever's asked of me I will do but I believe in the role that I'm in right now. There's no reason I can't be the number one guy and run this place."

If he can get Mark Henry in the Shell Shock: "That is the question going into Wrestlemania. A lot of people are saying that I cannot get big Mark Henry up for the Shell Shock finisher. My goal going into this thing and coming out of it is going to be the one thing that people will remember coming out of this Wrestlemania isn't going to be CM Punk/Undertaker, Brock/Triple H, or Rock/Cena II it's going to be Ryback picking Mark Henry up, marching around the ring, hitting the Shell Shock, 75,000 plus people screaming 'Feed me more' at the Metlife stadium with myself so that's the goal going in and I believe one hundred percent that I can do it."

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