Views From The Turnbuckle: Rock Vs Cena II And Its Discouraging Results

The alternative to Cena being the top face of course is him turning heel. It is unlikely that the WWE will have a better chance to turn Cena heel than they did last night, so it looks they that a heel Cena is a pipedream and nothing more. I was literally screaming at the TV last night during the Rock and John Cena's post match handshake, saying "Alright, now hit him with the belt! Nobody cares about your stupid hug, hit the Rock with the belt Cena!" A heel Cena would have been fresh, he would have been the most hated man in wrestling since Hogan (he still might be) and it would have generated a ton of interest from fans who tuned out on the product long ago. Unfortunalty, the WWE did not have the guts or the fortitude to do the turn, something that I thought I would never say about a company ran by Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Maybe it was too many t-shirt sales, too many make-a-wishes and too many endorsements that kept Cena a face, maybe the WWE didn't have confidence in any of their other performers to carry the torch as the new top face. Whatever it was, the fact remains that Cena is the top face, not a heel and it looks like it is going to be that way for the foreseeable future.

What exactly is the WWE trying to gain with Cena as the champion? Will TV ratings go up? Will ppv sales go up because of Cena? I can't imagine a significant increase in either category, and if they do not it makes the decision to make the SuperCena character the WWE Champion even more unjustifiable.

The worst thing about the whole mess from last night is that even though most of us were upset with the outcome, the WWE as a business won big time. Wrestlemania 29 was a smashing success, drawing a bigger audience than any wrestling event to ever take place in the United States and possible more ppv purchases as well. From a bottom financial line, Wrestlemania 29 was the greatest ppv event in the history of pro-wrestling, even if a majority of us fans didn't think so.

To conclude on a positive note, perhaps the WWE sees these problems that I listed above and have a really good plan for what they are doing this summer. Maybe they have a hot storyline that none of us have even thought about and Cena's present reign as champion will be the most memorable yet. I'm prepared for anything. Last night may have sucked, but perhaps the repercussions may not.

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