ROH TV Recap: Women Of Honor 4 Corner Survival, Forever Hooligans In Action, More

ROH TV this week opens with the fact that SCUM is banned from the building.

Tadarius Thomas and ACH vs. Mike Sydal and Adam Page

ACH and Sydal start things off. They tie up and ACH hits a snapmare, followed by a side headlock. Sydal reverses and locks in a waistlock. Page comes in and he and Sydal double team ACH. Page then hits a boot to the head, followed by a standing shooting star press for a near pin fall. He keeps the attack up on ACH. Eventually Thomas is able to come in and hits Page with a heel kick, followed by a kick to the head.

Thomas works over Page in the corner with kicks and he and ACH exchange a few quick tags, still working on Page. Thomas lands a belly to back Suplex for a near fall. He hits Page with a forearm, but Page counters with a powerslam. Sydal comes in hot and cleans house. He hits ACH, who is outside the ring, with a moonsault. Sydal tries to pin ACH, but Thomas breaks it up. Page comes in and tries to send Thomas to the outside, but Thomas reverses and sends Page to the outside. Thomas nails Sydal with an enziguri, and ACH lands a cradle DDT for the win.

Winners: Tadarius Thomas and ACH

After the match, Veda Scott is backstage with MsChif talking with her about her upcoming match. Truth Martini walks up with a Hoopla Hottie (Scarlett Bordeaux) and asks MsChif if she wants to be one. She says no and walks off.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. MsChif vs. Athena vs. Cherry Bomb- Four Corner Survival Match

Athena and MsChif start things off. They exchange strikes. Athena lands a head scissors, and Cherry Bomb tags in for MsChif. She ties up with Athena and hits an arm drag. Athena comes back with an arm drag of her own. Athena tries for a hip toss, but Cherry counters it into a pin attempt. She hits Athena with a drop kick and MsChif tags in for Athena.

She knees Cherry into the mat for a two count. Cherry gets a quick roll up for a near pin fall. Athena tags in and lands a springboard crossbody, followed by a clothesline. Scarlett tags in and tries to punch MsChif, to no avail. MsChif lands several forearms. She lands a knee and then tries to pin Scarlett, but Athena breaks it up.

Cherry comes in and lands a Northern Lights Suplex and goes for he pin, but Athena breaks it up again. Cherry attacks Athena, who is on the turnbuckle, and MsChif comes to. She powerbombs Cherry while Cherry superplexes Athena. Scarlett sneaks in and tries to pin all three wrestlers, but all three kick out. She powerbombs Scarlett. Then, Cherry missile dropkicks Ms.Chif. Then, Athena hits the O Face on Cherry for the win.

Winner: Athena

After the match, Veda Scott heads into the ring and asks her about her first loss, and MsChif hits her with the green mist.

Inside ROH is then shown. It talks about the Forever Hooligans with highlights from their match at 11th Anniversary. Then, reDRagon talks about the Hooligans. They say they will be the Forever Champions.

Pepper Parks vs. Roderick Strong

They tie up and Parks takes control with a wristlock. They exchange reversals. Parks lands a chop and whips Strong, but Strong lands a leg lariat. Strong lands a kick, followed by a pair of chops. Parks reverses into a side headlock. He then hits Strong with a neckbreaker for a near pin fall. Strong lands several kicks, but Parks lands a chop. He whips Strong and charges him, but misses.

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