ROH TV Recap: Women Of Honor 4 Corner Survival, Forever Hooligans In Action, More

Strong comes back with several chops. Parks whips him, followed by another charge, but Strong puts his boot up. Strong lands an enziguri and a side slam. They go to the apron. Strong goes for a belly to back Suplex, but Parks fights it off and they exchange strikes. Parks knees Strong in the head, who falls to the floor.

He sends Strong into the ring and gets a near pin fall. He picks Strong up on his shoulders, but Strong gets out. Strong lands a savate kick, followed by a knee. He sets Parks up for a superplex, but Parks reverses into a neckbreaker. Strong comes back quickly with a flying knee, followed by Death by Roderick. He then locks in the Stronghold and Parks taps.

Winner: Roderick Strong

reDRagon (c) vs. The Forever Hooligans- ROH Tag Team Championship

The American Wolves head to the commentary table for this match. Kyle and Koslov start things off. Koslov hits a shoulder knockdown. Kyle lands a kick, and Koslov gets a big chop, followed by a dropkick. Romero comes in and they hit an atomic drop/neck breaker combo. Kyle hits a jawbreaker, and Fish comes in. He and Romero go back and forth with offense until Romero hits a thumb to the eye, followed by a flying hurricanrana.

Koslov comes in and whips Romero into the corner, where he clotheslines Fish several times without letting Koslov get a shot. The Hooligans start arguing, and then when it looks like they are about to fight they hug. Kyle runs at them and the Hooligans hit a double hiptoss. They then double elbow Fish. Fish sends Koslov to the apron. He charges Koslov, but gets sent to the floor. Kyle then boots Koslov in the face.

Kyle dragon screws Romero. Fish sends Koslov into the barrier, and then Kyle nails him with a missile dropkick. Fish sends Koslov back into the ring for a near pin fall. He then keeps the attack up on Koslov with a senton. Kyle comes in and lands a knee to the chest, followed by a snapmare. He lands a snap Suplex for a near pin fall. Fish comes in and kicks Romero off the apron.

He then hits Koslov with a forearm, and then Kyle hits him with a boot. Fish lands a back breaker, and Kyle lands a knee from up top for a near pin fall. Kyle keeps up the offense for a few moments, and then Fish comes back in. He gets a belly to back Suplex for a near pin fall. Kyle comes back in, and Koslov tries to escape to his corner via a DDT. Romero and Fish both come in and Romero clotheslines both members of reDRagon.

Romero then steps off Fish and clotheslines Kyle out of the ring. Fish whips Romero and charges him, but Romero dodges and Fish goes outside. Romero then hits a suicide dive and takes both Dragons out. Romero sends Fish into the ring and Koslov comes in. Romero hits a leg sweep, and then Koslov splashes Fish off Romero's back. Koslov then lands a side Russian leg sweep, and Romero tosses him his hat. Koslov then hits Fish with multiple Russian kicks and a double boot stomp.

Kyle comes to the apron, and Romero hits him off. The Hooligans whip Fish into the corner and Koslov runs Romero's knee into him. Romero picks Fish up on his shoulders for a back breaker as Kyle stops Koslov from performing another double team. reDRagon come back and are able to hit Total Elimination for the win.

Winners: reDRagon

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