Thanks to readers @DrVoDre and 'Where is Christian?' for sending in these results from tonight's Smackdown taping at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts:

Dark Match:

* Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins with the 450 splash.

WWE Main Event:

* The Shield defeated Kofi Kingston, Tensai and Brodus Clay. Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston started the match. The Shield worked well together to keep the advantage for most of the match. The finish saw Tensai slam Seth Rollins on the mat and Rollins tagged in Ambrose, while Tensai tagged in Kofi. Kofi rolled up Ambrose and got 2. Rollins was tagged in and hit the the blackout for the win. After the match, The Shield triple power bombed Tensai and Brodus.

* Big E Langston destroyed Zack Ryder.

* Jack Swagger and Zeb are out for a promo. Swagger is facing Yoshi Tatsu and Zeb is being completely racist to him. Zeb is speaking really slowly to him, like Chris Tucker did with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. Swagger wins the match easily with two Swagger bombs and the Patriot Lock to finish.

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