Views From The Turnbuckle: The Glory Of Dolph Ziggler As Champion, How Far Can He Go?

Secondly, a lot of Punk "haters" detest his look as a main eventer. Part of the wonder and the weakness of Punk is that he looks like someone that could be pumping your gas at the local Exxon station. Ziggler has a more traditional look to him. Like Punk, he is not overwhelmingly large or muscular, but between his toned physique and beach blond hair, he at least looks the part.

An issue facing Ziggler down the road might be that he might become too over as a heel and he will start getting too many cheers. If that happens, the WWE may consider turning him face, especially because they are currently very desperate for faces for the future. This could lead to a situation similar to Randy Orton's, where the man himself is popular enough as a face, but his character is best suited to be a heel. Orton began to get so many cheers during the end of 2009 that he basically turned face despite not really changing his character all that much. This lead to an extended run as a face where Orton appears to be limited in his abilities, truly proving that he really is at his best as a heel.

Another issue he faces is that his run on top could be very short-lived. Like the Miz or Jack Swagger, a world title victory no longer means that you are in the main event for life. Ziggler probably has more staying power than either Swagger or the Miz, but the WWE has shown in the past that they are shaky in trusting Ziggler with anything significant. A miniscule slip-up could be enough to pull the rug from underneath Dolph's legs and revert him back to the mid-card.

Lastly, if in the next year or so Ziggler proves that he does indeed have the staying power in order to stay in the world title scene for a long time, there is still the chance that injuries could prevent him from going to the full distance. No one in wrestling currently sells as well as Ziggler does, and it has been reported and demonstrated that he is always up to take a big bump in even the most rudimentary of matches. Unfortunately, all that bump taking comes at price, and similar to Edge, Ziggler may be looking at a premature retirement. Ziggler will be 33 in July and already has a slew of matches on his odometer. When someone gets the World Title at 32, the WWE can usually count on getting about 8-10 years out of that guy as a main-event level guy. With Ziggler, they may only get 5-7 years.

Dolph Ziggler has shown that he is someone with the drive and the passion for wrestling that could make him one of the top guys in the WWE for a long time. Although he possess a great skill set and has some advantages to staying on top, there are still a lot of things that have to go right for him to secure his spot at the top of the card for years to come.

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