- Former WWE Superstar Adam "Edge" Copeland appeared on TMZ last night and discussed the dogs wearing pantyhose on their tails craze in China. You can watch it in the video above.

- Ryback, who is pretty inactive on his Twitter, posted his second tweet in as many days today. He explained his actions on RAW, writing, "We all want more we need more. My actions will feed my needs. At our core we all crave more. Lost souls will fall to my power. #RybackRules"

- Former WWE star Carlito made a pretty harsh accusation against The Rock on his Twitter today, implying that the Superstar got injured because he is on steroids:

Steroid.com, via The Bleacher Report, states that Tren is a very popular steroid, with its benefits including "increased muscle mass, increased strength, and increased recovery."

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