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- Impact begins with a rundown of the AJ Styles situation. Will he join Aces & 8's? Plus, Roode & Aries' tag titles are on the line along with Chavo & Hernandez' careers together. Also, Bully Ray defends the world title against Jeff Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem.

- Hulk Hogan greets Jeff Hardy as he arrives in the back and he says it is his world and tonight he wins back the title.

- The new intro package runs and we go to crowd shots from Corpus Christi, TX. There are chairs and ladders set up at the entrance.

- Chavo & Hernandez come to the ring with boxer Jesse James Leija waving the Texas flag behind them. Roode & Aries attack them from behind at ringside with the tag titles.

TNA Tag Team Titles - 2 Out of 3 Falls: Roode & Aries (c) vs. Chavo & Hernandez

The bell rings and Roode and Aries take control of Chavo in the ring. Aries sends him into Roode for a spine buster. Roode covers Chavo for 3.

Roode & Aries 1 - 0

Aries comes off the top but Chavo moves and rolls him up for the pin.

1 - 1

The bell rings as Roode tags in. Hernandez is still laid out on the floor. Roode stomps Chavo in the ring and hits a suplex for 2. Aries tags and springs in with a Senton for 2. Roode back in now, he sends Chavo in and charges but Chavo hits a reverse elbow out of the corner. Chavo connects with a dropkick to Roode and reaches in his corner as Hernandez climbs the apron and tags in. Hernandez quickens the pace and drops both men. Hernandez goes to the ramp and hits Air Mexico to both Roode and Aries as we go to break.

Aries hits an axe handle to Hernandez on the floor as we return. Roode rolls him in and gets 2. Roode works Hernandez over on the mat. Hernandez tries to battle back as Chavo gets up to his corner and is knocked back down to the floor by Roode. Hernandez hits a double clothesline to Roode and Aries and crawls to make the hot tag to Chavo. Chavo slingshots in and speeds things up. Chavo hits a crossbody to both opponents on the outside and covers Roode in the ring but Aries makes the save. Chavo hits 2 Amigos on Aries before Roode breaks it up. Roode gets all 3 Amigos. Chavo goes up top but Aries pushes him off and Roode almost steals the win and grabs the tights.

Roode applies the crossface to Chavo but Hernandez makes the save. Hernandez comes in with another Air Mexico but Roode and Aries push Chavo in his way. Roode covers Chavo but he kicks out. Aries hits a dropkick in the corner but Chavo counters Roode's spinebuster into a DDT but Aries breaks the cover. Hernandez comes in and hits a double suplex. Chavo flies off the top with a frogsplash onto Roode for the win.

Winners (2 - 1) by pin And New TNA Tag Team Champions: Chavo & Hernandez

Jesse James Leija comes in with the flag to celebrate with the new champs.

- Brooke Hogan is approached in the back by Joey Ryan. He says he is dressed in his referee gear and the Knockouts don't have to apologize for their inappropriate behavior last week. He wants to show them who the bigger man is. Brooke is disgusted and tells him he embarrassed her last week and we will see who the bigger man is tonight.

- After a break, Aces & 8s' arrive in the parking lot, on their bikes, in the evening sun. They are rowdy and slap fives with each other as they follow Bully into the arena. Bully has the world title on his shoulder.

- Joseph Park comes to the ring and he wants justice from Aces & 8's. He says it will be served when Jeff Hardy wins back the title tonight. He tells Bully it doesn't end there. He pulls out a writ of annulment that will officially end his marriage to Brooke. Taz complains on commentary that it is none of his business.

Devon comes out and Park whines that TNA gave him this time. Devon tears up the document as Park looks on, almost in tears. Devon tells him to stay out of family business. Park picks up the pieces of paper; Devon hits him with a chain from behind. Devon leaves as Park lies in the ring.

- A video package is shown for Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell as we go to break.

- Gail Kim makes her entrance followed by Taryn Terrell.

Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

ODB is introduced as the referee for the match. Gail Kim complains at ringside that she is not doing this . ODB picks her up and places her on the apron. Taryn brings her in and goes to work. Taryn hits a suplex and a monkey flip. Gail takes over as she pulls Taryn off the top and stomps her on the mat. Gail and ODB have words and ODB directs Gail to her chest.

Gail slowly dissects Taryn with a smile on her face. Gail gets in ODB's face but ODB keeps her composure. Gail rolls Taryn up with a handful of tights but ODB isn't having it. Taryn rolls Gail up for the upset.

Winner by pin: Taryn Terrell

Gail complains to ODB and ODB chases her to the back. Christy Hemme interviews Taryn at ringside. Taryn asks who wants to get physical with her.

- Adam Pearce and Magno await their fate in the back as we go to break.

- Last Week: The Gut Check judges discuss last week's match.

- We go live to the back as Magno and Pearce are awaiting. Bruce Prichard eliminates Adam Pearce. Pearce reluctantly shakes his hand and calls him a damn fool and walks away. Magno will move on.

- An AJ Styles video package is shown.

- Hulk Hogan tells the interviewer in the back that AJ's time is up and that is next on his plate.

- AJ is approached in the back and asked about Aces & 8's. He goes to attack the camera. Mr. Anderson approaches him and gives him another vest. He says maybe he got AJ's size wrong last week but he should consider it. We go to commercial.

- We return to a shot of the USS Lexington. We go to a video package for Bully vs. Hardy.

- We go to the arena at the top of the hour as Hogan's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Hulk takes in the cheers and says TNA is on fire here in Corpus Christi. Hogan gets right down to business and calls out AJ Styles who comes down with the "cut" in his hand. Hogan says it's friend or foe and asks him who's side he's on, brother. AJ says he doesn't respond well to ultimatums...James Storm's music hits. Storm gets in the ring and gets in AJ's face and says they are going to fight.

Daniels & Kazarian's music hits...They come to the base of the ramp on the apron and Kaz says they are out here to mend fences. Kaz says "Thunderlips" wants to recruit AJ and says it makes sense and gives Hogan a thumbs up, "Brother, brother." Daniels says they want AJ on their side. He says the Claire Lynch thing was bad but asks him, wasn't it worse when Hogan and Dixie and the fans started to doubt him.

AJ just walks out of the ring and past Daniels & Kazarian. Hogan tells AJ that he will make a decision for him. He makes a match for next week between AJ and Storm.

- Joey Ryan is on his way out as we go to break.

- Kurt Angle is in the locker room. He says the balance of power shifts tonight. He says he went to Hogan and got a handicap match for next week. It will be Angle vs. "Those two punks" Bischoff & Brisco.

- Joey Ryan comes to the ring. Rob Terry is introduced as his opponent and Ryan looks like he has seen a ghost even with his sleazy shades on.

Rob Terry vs. Joey Ryan

Terry powers into control and hits chops in the corners. Terry sends Joey hard into the corner and hits a scoop slam. Ryan tries to get his boots up but Terry catches his feet and hits him with a clothesline in the corner. Terry hits a pump-handle spinebuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Rob Terry

- Magno nervously paces in the back as we go to commercial.

- Hulk tells Brooke to join him in the luxury suite to watch the match. She says she has to be out there to see the look on Bully's face when Hardy beats him. Hogan asks if she has security. She says she has Ronnie from Atlas Security. Hulk tells her to be careful and they both walk away.

Matt Morgan gets in Hulk's face and cuts a passionate promo on him. He says one day all of Hogan's mistakes are going to come crashing down on him.

- We go to the ring with JB as he introduces Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow. Magno is introduced to the ring to boos from the crowd. Danny Davis says he hasn't made his decision yet. He says if this was OVW, he would make Magno a star but he ends up saying, "no." JB gives Magno a chance to cut a promo which he does in Spanish and English. He gets booed. The fans chant, "No!" as Prichard starts to run down the facts. Prichard says he needs more seasoning and he says, "No." JB wishes Magno the best of luck.

- Aces & 8's get Bully pumped-up in the parking lot on their bikes. Bully gives an impassioned speech and makes them promise to let him do this alone. He says he is doing this for them. They rev their motors in agreement.

- Jeff Hardy is on his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

- Christy Hemme introduces Jeff Hardy to the ring. Brooke is at ringside behind the security rail with the fans. The championship is hanging high above the ring. Bully Ray is really focused and intense as he makes his way to the ring and hugs Taz. Bully slaps the table in front of him like patting an old friend on the back. Brooke shakes her head in disgust as Bully talks some trash to her. She kicks the rail into him; security is at her left side.

Full Metal Mayhem - TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy starts off quick with a Twist of Fate and whips Bully into the corner and hits him in the back with a chair. Hardy sets up a ladder in the corner and sends Bully into it; Hardy then runs up the chair for a dropkick. Bully falls face-first on the chair and the ladder falls on him. Hardy sets the ladder up in the center but Bully pushes him off. Hardy steps-through with a mule kick. Bully launches Hardy over the top with a back bodydrop to the ramp.

Bully beats Jeff with his chain on the ramp then goes and sets the ladder up in the ring. They both scale the ladder and trade shots up top. Bully rakes the eyes and hits an insane superplex off the ladder. Both men are laid out as we go to break.

A table is set up in the ring with Hardy lying on it as we return. Hardy gets up and thwarts Bully from up top in the corner. Hardy sets up a ladder and leans it upside down against the table and tries to suplex Bully through it but it falls. Bully replaces it and suplexes Hardy into the upside down ladder. Bully antagonizes Brooke at ringside and mocks Hulk's hand gestures in the ring.

Brooke looks genuinely ticked-off at ringside; her eyes are even a little wet. I wonder who she is picturing to channel these emotions. Hardy fights back and they trade shots. Hardy takes over with a flurry of "Hardy offense." Hardy tosses a chair to Bully and smashes him with another. Bully falls to the floor in front of Brooke and Hardy flies out but Bully gets out of the way. Brooke checks on Hardy through the rail and Bully yells at her to sit down. Ronnie the security guy is standing now and is keeping a calm glare directed at Bully.

Bully is busted up over his left eye as he gets in Brooke's face for more trash talking. Bully puckers his lips and sticks his tongue out and licks the air. Brooke slaps him square in the face. Hardy takes over and puts Bully on the table but it gives way. Hardy retrieves another table from the entranceway and brings it to ringside. Bully has recovered and they go back and forth. Hardy hits Bully with the Twist of Fate on the floor and Bully awkwardly gets himself into position on the table like he was at the doctor's and was told to lie down.

Hardy goes up top in the ring and hits the Swanton onto Bully as the table crumbles underneath him. They edit the "Holy Sh*t" chants. We see a replay and it really is a nice spot, like good old times. Hardy sets up a ladder in the ring as Taz hands Bully a time-keeper's hammer. Bully and Hardy scale the ladder and trade blows. Bully pulls out the hammer and smacks Hardy in the head with it. Hardy falls back onto a table and it crumbles. Bully pulls the belt down. Brooke leaves in disgust. Taz says, "The champ, the champ baby." I think he was about to say, "The champ is here" but stopped himself.

Winner And Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

Taz praises things as Aces & 8's join Bully in the ring. Bully demands the music be shut off as we see a replay. He asks if we know who he is and "who we are." He says when you ride with Aces & 8s', you never walk alone. Bully raises the title high over his head as they stand over Jeff Hardy's broken body and table.

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