TNA Impact Results: Hardy & Bully In Full Metal Mayhem & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Daniels & Kazarian's music hits...They come to the base of the ramp on the apron and Kaz says they are out here to mend fences. Kaz says "Thunderlips" wants to recruit AJ and says it makes sense and gives Hogan a thumbs up, "Brother, brother." Daniels says they want AJ on their side. He says the Claire Lynch thing was bad but asks him, wasn't it worse when Hogan and Dixie and the fans started to doubt him.

AJ just walks out of the ring and past Daniels & Kazarian. Hogan tells AJ that he will make a decision for him. He makes a match for next week between AJ and Storm.

- Joey Ryan is on his way out as we go to break.

- Kurt Angle is in the locker room. He says the balance of power shifts tonight. He says he went to Hogan and got a handicap match for next week. It will be Angle vs. "Those two punks" Bischoff & Brisco.

- Joey Ryan comes to the ring. Rob Terry is introduced as his opponent and Ryan looks like he has seen a ghost even with his sleazy shades on.

Rob Terry vs. Joey Ryan

Terry powers into control and hits chops in the corners. Terry sends Joey hard into the corner and hits a scoop slam. Ryan tries to get his boots up but Terry catches his feet and hits him with a clothesline in the corner. Terry hits a pump-handle spinebuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Rob Terry

- Magno nervously paces in the back as we go to commercial.

- Hulk tells Brooke to join him in the luxury suite to watch the match. She says she has to be out there to see the look on Bully's face when Hardy beats him. Hogan asks if she has security. She says she has Ronnie from Atlas Security. Hulk tells her to be careful and they both walk away.

Matt Morgan gets in Hulk's face and cuts a passionate promo on him. He says one day all of Hogan's mistakes are going to come crashing down on him.

- We go to the ring with JB as he introduces Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow. Magno is introduced to the ring to boos from the crowd. Danny Davis says he hasn't made his decision yet. He says if this was OVW, he would make Magno a star but he ends up saying, "no." JB gives Magno a chance to cut a promo which he does in Spanish and English. He gets booed. The fans chant, "No!" as Prichard starts to run down the facts. Prichard says he needs more seasoning and he says, "No." JB wishes Magno the best of luck.

- Aces & 8's get Bully pumped-up in the parking lot on their bikes. Bully gives an impassioned speech and makes them promise to let him do this alone. He says he is doing this for them. They rev their motors in agreement.

- Jeff Hardy is on his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

- Christy Hemme introduces Jeff Hardy to the ring. Brooke is at ringside behind the security rail with the fans. The championship is hanging high above the ring. Bully Ray is really focused and intense as he makes his way to the ring and hugs Taz. Bully slaps the table in front of him like patting an old friend on the back. Brooke shakes her head in disgust as Bully talks some trash to her. She kicks the rail into him; security is at her left side.

Full Metal Mayhem - TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy starts off quick with a Twist of Fate and whips Bully into the corner and hits him in the back with a chair. Hardy sets up a ladder in the corner and sends Bully into it; Hardy then runs up the chair for a dropkick. Bully falls face-first on the chair and the ladder falls on him. Hardy sets the ladder up in the center but Bully pushes him off. Hardy steps-through with a mule kick. Bully launches Hardy over the top with a back bodydrop to the ramp.

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