TNA Impact Results: Hardy & Bully In Full Metal Mayhem & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Bully beats Jeff with his chain on the ramp then goes and sets the ladder up in the ring. They both scale the ladder and trade shots up top. Bully rakes the eyes and hits an insane superplex off the ladder. Both men are laid out as we go to break.

A table is set up in the ring with Hardy lying on it as we return. Hardy gets up and thwarts Bully from up top in the corner. Hardy sets up a ladder and leans it upside down against the table and tries to suplex Bully through it but it falls. Bully replaces it and suplexes Hardy into the upside down ladder. Bully antagonizes Brooke at ringside and mocks Hulk's hand gestures in the ring.

Brooke looks genuinely ticked-off at ringside; her eyes are even a little wet. I wonder who she is picturing to channel these emotions. Hardy fights back and they trade shots. Hardy takes over with a flurry of "Hardy offense." Hardy tosses a chair to Bully and smashes him with another. Bully falls to the floor in front of Brooke and Hardy flies out but Bully gets out of the way. Brooke checks on Hardy through the rail and Bully yells at her to sit down. Ronnie the security guy is standing now and is keeping a calm glare directed at Bully.

Bully is busted up over his left eye as he gets in Brooke's face for more trash talking. Bully puckers his lips and sticks his tongue out and licks the air. Brooke slaps him square in the face. Hardy takes over and puts Bully on the table but it gives way. Hardy retrieves another table from the entranceway and brings it to ringside. Bully has recovered and they go back and forth. Hardy hits Bully with the Twist of Fate on the floor and Bully awkwardly gets himself into position on the table like he was at the doctor's and was told to lie down.

Hardy goes up top in the ring and hits the Swanton onto Bully as the table crumbles underneath him. They edit the "Holy Sh*t" chants. We see a replay and it really is a nice spot, like good old times. Hardy sets up a ladder in the ring as Taz hands Bully a time-keeper's hammer. Bully and Hardy scale the ladder and trade blows. Bully pulls out the hammer and smacks Hardy in the head with it. Hardy falls back onto a table and it crumbles. Bully pulls the belt down. Brooke leaves in disgust. Taz says, "The champ, the champ baby." I think he was about to say, "The champ is here" but stopped himself.

Winner And Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

Taz praises things as Aces & 8's join Bully in the ring. Bully demands the music be shut off as we see a replay. He asks if we know who he is and "who we are." He says when you ride with Aces & 8s', you never walk alone. Bully raises the title high over his head as they stand over Jeff Hardy's broken body and table.

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