TNA Impact Results: Hardy & Bully In Full Metal Mayhem & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

TNA Impact Results: Hardy & Bully In Full Metal Mayhem & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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- Impact begins with a rundown of the AJ Styles situation. Will he join Aces & 8's? Plus, Roode & Aries' tag titles are on the line along with Chavo & Hernandez' careers together. Also, Bully Ray defends the world title against Jeff Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem.

- Hulk Hogan greets Jeff Hardy as he arrives in the back and he says it is his world and tonight he wins back the title.

- The new intro package runs and we go to crowd shots from Corpus Christi, TX. There are chairs and ladders set up at the entrance.

- Chavo & Hernandez come to the ring with boxer Jesse James Leija waving the Texas flag behind them. Roode & Aries attack them from behind at ringside with the tag titles.

TNA Tag Team Titles - 2 Out of 3 Falls: Roode & Aries (c) vs. Chavo & Hernandez

The bell rings and Roode and Aries take control of Chavo in the ring. Aries sends him into Roode for a spine buster. Roode covers Chavo for 3.

Roode & Aries 1 - 0

Aries comes off the top but Chavo moves and rolls him up for the pin.

1 - 1

The bell rings as Roode tags in. Hernandez is still laid out on the floor. Roode stomps Chavo in the ring and hits a suplex for 2. Aries tags and springs in with a Senton for 2. Roode back in now, he sends Chavo in and charges but Chavo hits a reverse elbow out of the corner. Chavo connects with a dropkick to Roode and reaches in his corner as Hernandez climbs the apron and tags in. Hernandez quickens the pace and drops both men. Hernandez goes to the ramp and hits Air Mexico to both Roode and Aries as we go to break.

Aries hits an axe handle to Hernandez on the floor as we return. Roode rolls him in and gets 2. Roode works Hernandez over on the mat. Hernandez tries to battle back as Chavo gets up to his corner and is knocked back down to the floor by Roode. Hernandez hits a double clothesline to Roode and Aries and crawls to make the hot tag to Chavo. Chavo slingshots in and speeds things up. Chavo hits a crossbody to both opponents on the outside and covers Roode in the ring but Aries makes the save. Chavo hits 2 Amigos on Aries before Roode breaks it up. Roode gets all 3 Amigos. Chavo goes up top but Aries pushes him off and Roode almost steals the win and grabs the tights.

Roode applies the crossface to Chavo but Hernandez makes the save. Hernandez comes in with another Air Mexico but Roode and Aries push Chavo in his way. Roode covers Chavo but he kicks out. Aries hits a dropkick in the corner but Chavo counters Roode's spinebuster into a DDT but Aries breaks the cover. Hernandez comes in and hits a double suplex. Chavo flies off the top with a frogsplash onto Roode for the win.

Winners (2 - 1) by pin And New TNA Tag Team Champions: Chavo & Hernandez

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