WWE NXT opens this week with a recap of the feud leading up to the match between William Regal and Kassius Ohno later on in the show.

The Shield comes down for a match against Scott Dawson, Axl Keegan and Percy Watson. Before the match can start, The Shield attacks all three wrestlers and sends them out of the ring.

The Shield vs. Scott Dawson, Axl Keegan and Percy Watson

Roman Reigns is alone in the ring with Dawson. He headbutts him, and then Rollins comes in. He dropkicks Dawson, and then Ambrose comes in. He punches Dawson, and then stomps him in the corner. Ambrose slaps him a few times, and then tries for a Suplex. Dawson escapes and Keegan comes in. Ambrose knees him in the gut and lands a body slam. He places Keegan on his knees, and Rollins delivers a boot to the head from up top.

Reigns runs across the ring and attacks Watson, sending him to the outside. Rollins and Keegan are in the ring together. He delivers a standing shiranui (not sure if it has a special name) on Keegan for the win.

Winners: The Shield

After the match, all three Shield members attack Dawson and deliver a triple powerbomb. The crowd chants, "One More Time" as Ambrose grabs the mic. He says once again, justice has been served in NXT. Rollins takes the mic and says we are The Shield, the most dominant force in the history of the WWE. He says they run all the shows. Reigns takes the mic and yells believe in The Shield.

Corey Graves' face then appears on the TitanTron. He says everyone around NXT might believe in what they're doing. But he doesn't. He says that if they think they're going to run around on NXT, they're wrong. He says next week, he will take them out.

Rollins says he will finish it with Corey Graves. He says next week, Ambrose and Reigns can take the night off. He says Corey Graves will believe in The Shield at the end of the night.

Then, Summer Rae is backstage with Tony Dawson. Dawson asks her why she ran away from Paige in their match last week. She says she left her curling iron on, and didn't want to burn the building down. She says that Paige should be thankful for the curling iron, because if it wasn't for it she would have beat Paige bad.

Renee Young is then backstage with Emma. She says her path on NXT has been like Lady Gaga. Young questions her, and the Emma says more like Madonna. Young says that Emma is generally considered a klutz, and Emma starts dancing.

The Funkadactyls vs. The Bella Twins

Naomi and a Bree start things off. They tie up and Bree kicks Naomi in the gut. Naomi goes up top, and locks in a sort of head scissors on Bree while holding on to the top rope. She keeps the attack up and lands a clothesline. Cameron comes in and the Funkadactyls land a double leg drop. Nikki breaks up the pin attempt and Bree attacks off the distraction. She drives her boot into Cameron's throat and Nikki comes in and keeps up the attack. They exchange quick tags for a few moments.

Eventually the Bella locks in a headlock on Cameron, followed by a knee to the gut. Cameron fights back with a neckbreaker. She tries to get to Naomi, but the Bella knocks Naomi off the ring. The Bella's double team Cameron with a somersaulting double leg flip thing for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Scott Dawson is then backstage with Kassius Ohno. Ohno says he can't hear out of his ear thanks to Regal. He talks about how he will beat Regal because he knows him so well.

Then, a recap of Wrestlemania weekend is shown.

William Regal is then backstage with Renee Young. She asks why he finally challenged Ohno to a match. Regal says it isn't something that he has done lightly, and that he likes his role as an announcer. Regal says Ohno is about to pay the consequences and asks his children to forgive him for what he is about to do to Ohno.

Kassius Ohno vs. William Regal

They circle around each other. Regal backs Ohno into the corner and the ref breaks them up. They tie up again and Ohno backs Regal into the corner. He punches Regal in the gut. Ohno tries for a chop, but Regal locks in a wrist lock and forces Ohno to the mat. Ohno backs Regal into the corner and Regal breaks the hold. Regal hip tosses Ohno and goes back to work on his arm. He locks in a hammerlock.

Regal breaks the hold and they circle each other again. Regal knees Ohno in the gut and then back kicks Ohno in the corner. He uppercuts Ohno and then whips him into another corner. Regal punches Ohno and then chokes him on the ropes. Ohno counters with a knee to the gut. He tosses Regal to the outside and then lands a baseball slide to Regal's head. Back from commercial and Ohno lands multiple big boots to Regal's head. Ohno locks in a full nelson. Regal gets to his feet and breaks out. He tosses Ohno into the ropes and lands a forearm. He stomps on Ohno's fingers and then bends them back at the ropes. Regal then knees Ohno in the head multiple times and flips him to the mat. He then goes back to Ohno's fingers. Regal then stomps on Ohno's throat and flips him to the mat again. He tries to bend Ohno's fingers again, but the ref breaks it up.

Ohno knees Regal in the face. Ohno screams and pops a finger back into place. He then kicks Regal's head against the ring post (from the floor). Ohno tries to lock in a Kassius Clutch, but can't, so he kicks Regal again. He then goes back in the ring and drags Regal to the center of the ring. Regal tries to fight back, but Ohno kicks him in the head. Ohno tries to lock in the Kassius Clutch again, but still can't. Regal fights back with an exploder Suplex out of nowhere. He tries to lock in the Regal Stretch, but Ohno fights back with elbows to the head.

Ohno lands a back body drop for a near pin fall. He then lands a big boot for another near pin fall. He goes for the KO, but Regal counters with a punch to the jaw. Regal hits a running knee to Ohno in the head for the win.

Winner: William Regal

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