Spoilers courtesy of TNAInsider.com correspondent Thomas Halm

* Immediately following the Full Metal Mayhem match, Bully Ray challenged Sting.

* Mickie James defeated Brooke Tessmacher. The match was said to have been pretty bad.

* Kurt Angle accepted an Aces and 8's handicap match challenge against Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Brisco and Bischoff defeated Angle when the Aces and 8's interfered in the match. The Aces and 8's attacked Angle some more. Mr. Anderson proclaimed that the Aces and 8's have now taken out two of TNA's top guys and that they will be cheering on AJ Styles to take out another top TNA wrestler in James Storm tonight.

* Sting accepted Bully Ray's challenge.

* Kenny King defeated Zema Ion and Petey Williams when Kenny King stole the pin out from under Petey Williams.

* Devon vs Magnus was announced. Magnus was attacked by the Aces and 8'. Samoa Joe came out and saved Magnus.

* Bad Influence come to the ring and plead for AJ Styles to join them. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode interrupted and they all bickered about the tag titles. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez came out and attacked Bad Influence and Rood and Aries.

* Devon defeated Samoa Joe after Mr. Anderson interfered in the match.

* AJ Styles defeated James Storm. Styles entered the ring and then walked away. Storm went after Styles and attacked him. Bad Influence was at ringside cheering AJ on. Storm tried to hit the last call superkick but Styles reversed into a leg lock submission. Bad Influence hit the ring and celebrated with Styles until Styles turned on them and attacked Bad Influence. Styles walked away and the the Aces and 8's attacked Bad Influence and James Storm.

* A six man tag match is announced after Bully Ray announced that he has taken out all of the heroes in TNA. Bully says that the only one left is Hulk Hogan and he will take care of him at the next IMPACT. Sting and Joseph Park come out and proclaim themselves as the Ace Killers. Bully sets up a six man tag with himself, Devon and DOC against Sting, Park and James Storm.

* Sting, James Storm and Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray, Doc and Devon. Sting hit the scorpion death drop on DOC for the win.

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