This week's Impact Wrestling show was brought to us from Corpus Christi, TX. Very good matches were scheduled, and the hype for this episode has occurred for some time now. The main event of the program was a rematch from Lockdown, pitting TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray against Jeff Hardy.

The tag team title match of Austin Aries/Bobby Roode vs. Chavo/Hernandez was a great way to start the show. These tag teams, along with Bad Influence, are doing a fantastic job of keeping the division relevant. It seemed as if my prediction of a Chavo turn was being teased, though. Especially with Hernandez not being available for a tag, and accidentally giving him a flying shoulder block. However, they won in their home state of Texas, which was fine.

It looks as if the Corpus Christi crowd were not fans of Joseph Park. Chicago felt the same way as well, and that is his home town. Seemingly, he had to keep himself above water by garnering cheap pops by pandering to the audience. I guess I'm in the minority when I say that I like Joseph Park. It is a funny character, that has an even funnier law firm (Park, Park, and Park). It also appears as if he will be starting a feud with Devon from what we saw on the show.

As I said before, it was inevitable that Taryn Terrell was going to go over Gail Kim. TNA, for some reason, has high hopes for her. While she is not terrible, it is not fair that she is getting a bigger push than the Knockouts champion, Velvet Sky.

Not choosing Adam Pearce to advance in the Gut Check Challenge over Magno was an atrocity. I have no idea what they were watching last week. They based the decision off of Pearce having 17 years of experience, and Magno having "his whole career ahead of him." What? Didn't they say the exact opposite about Christian York, giving him an opportunity because of his tenure? Does not make sense to me, whatsoever.

The AJ Styles angle is continuing to be played out well. I would venture to say that he will be a babyface after all of this, but he is definitely getting some heavy heat right now because of his reticence. I would capitalize on that for a bit, because it would only make him stronger as a babyface when he makes the full turn. His match against James Storm should be good, and Bad Influence being involved in the angle is also a good idea.

Rob Terry defeats Joey Ryan... next.

I am still trying to figure out where this Matt Morgan and Hulk Hogan thing is going. At least he is getting some TV time, which is good. Morgan is a good commodity for TNA, and can be utilized well after this Aces and Eights angle is done. The best way to use him right now would be to stop his rebellious ways and align with team TNA to feud with the bigger members of Aces and Eights such as D.O.C. and Knux. After the Aces and Eight feud is done, he could turn heel, because he would have more exposure then.

Magno was rejected a TNA contract. Really? What a surprise!

The Full Metal Mayhem match between Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy was awesome. These are two of the best wrestlers who can put on a spot fest, and they didn't let the crowd down in the slightest. There was virtually no way that Jeff Hardy had a shot of regaining the title this quick, but he did a great job creating the suspense that he was.

I was highly anticipating a Brooke Hogan turn. It would have been perfect for her to go to the ring after Hardy did the Swanton Bomb to Bully on the table outside. She could have low-blowed Hardy on his way up the ladder to grab the title, or could have pushed the ladder over. That would have been a great twist to the angle, and would have added even more layers to the fact that Aces and Eights is still very over in TNA.

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