Eric Bischoff On If Paul Heyman Had Talks With TNA, What TNA Does Better Than WWE, Dirt Sheets, More

Source: Neck Breaker Podcast

"If you saw the show last night [with Bully Ray's explanation about joining Aces & Eights], for the first time ever, we're taking the audience back and showing them what they missed. Not that they may not have tuned in, but they may not have realized how that story was unfolding before their eyes. It's a little bit like putting on a magic show and then taking people backstage and showing them just a little bit of the magic. We didn't show them all the magic. We didn't get into all of the nuance and detail because there's some of it that we're still going to reveal; we didn't lay everything out there last night. But that's never been done before. We're essentially telling or teaching the viewers how to watch our show because what we're doing and the way we're telling our stories is different than what we used to do and it's certainly different than what WWE does. As in any program, it doesn't matter what it is, you have to train the viewer or guide the viewer along the way to help them really understand where those changes are and how to watch the show. Hopefully now viewers will start watching for little nuance within a story. They'll start looking for the bobs and the weaves and looking for the depth of the story that was actually created, as opposed to grading a dropkick or talking about a hurricanrana.

"It's time that the wrestling product evolves and becomes much more episodic as well as more character driven, but in a real way. Not just pay lip service to it, because everybody pays lip service to it. We've done it. We're building long term arcs and we take those long term arcs and create weekly bibles. And we take those weekly bibles and they're the basis and the outline of every format. We plan our shows six months in advance. I don't care what anybody says, that doesn't happen anywhere else. It's certainly not happening in the WWE and anybody that says it is is lying through their teeth. We know enough people there on the creative side of things to know how that process works and it's not what we're doing. Now, they're having tremendous success doing not what we're doing [laughter] so more power to them, but you're asking me what we're doing differently and I think the way we tell our stories, the way we're trying to help our audience along to how to appreciate and watch those stories, as well as providing great wrestling action. I think that's what we're doing differently."

If there are any truth to the rumors that Paul Heyman considered coming to TNA once: "I believe that Dixie and Paul had some conversations. I believe that Paul may have had some conversations at the network level, but it was never serious on anybody's part."

If he has any TNA goals: "My goal isn't as much personal achievement in TNA because quite frankly my role is such that I'm not positioned to achieve much on a personal basis or a professional basis, individually within TNA. I'm a support mechanism. I oversee to a large degree creative, along with Bruce Pritchard. I enjoy the hell out of working with the staff that we have. We're looking forward to bringing in some more people. I really like teaching them the thing's I've learned, not only from the wrestling business, but the way to present television, the way to present story, the way to present character that's new and different than the way we've always done it in wrestling. I get a big kick out of that. It's very rewarding for me to work with those guys and watch them grow."

You can listen to the whole interview here.

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