- The latest edition of The JBL and Cole Show, featuring John Cena and the SuperStar Search, celebrates 20 episodes. You can view it above, and prepare yourself for the Daniel "B. Dazzle" Bryan and "Kurly" Kane rap.

- Continuing with the Fandango craze, WWE has listed the top 10 crowd chants in company history. Some chants included are: "Yes! Yes! Yes!," "You still got it!," "E-C-Dub!," and "One more match!" You can view the full list here.

- ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 is slated to be released in June. The DVD will be hosted by Joey Styles and Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer commented on Facebook about hosting the DVD, writing, "What a great time I had today at WWE Studios. Me and Joey Styles hosted ECW Unreleased Volume 2. some really good matches and a lot of behind the scenes of ECW. The Revolution continues to exist. Look forward to everyone's comments once they have seen it. Happy to go down extreme memory lane."

- Speaking of Dreamer, his House of Hardcore promotion will have their next event on Saturday, June 22. For more information in the coming weeks, click here. You can check out a promo for the event here.

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