WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap: Mick Foley's New Era, Daniel Bryan Vs. Mark Henry, And More

Foley says he wanted to welcome Mark to the show and says that he is in the main event against...Bryan interrupts and says Foley should have consulted him first. Foley says Bryan is not the official assistant yet. Mark Henry tells Mick to cancel the match because he wants Bryan. Bryan says that as the assistant, he doesn't think that is a good idea. Foley says he is right because it is a great idea.

Foley gets excited and begins to sell the match. He says it's two former world champions and it's the biggest match in the history of SMS. Mark leaves and Bryan asks Foley if he, at least, has the position. Foley says he isn't ready to offer it to him but he is willing to offer him...He puts his arms out. Bryan has steam coming out of his ears as he screams, "No!" and storms out. Foley says, "I guess he isn't a hugger."

- We see the 'slam' graphic for our main event as we return from a commercial.

- The Saturday Morning Spotlight also has a cool new graphic. We see a video package for The World's Strongest Man.

- We go to the arena as Daniel Bryan "No's" his way to the ring with his slicked-back "Dazzler" hair. I love the Superman 'S' curl in the front. Mark Henry makes his ominous entrance. They mute the lyrics to his song. I don't think "Break his neck, break his neck" is appropriate on any wrestling show in 2013, especially from such a 'corporate' company. Yes, I am getting old, but the world has changed as well.

Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan tries to hug it out as the bell rings and tries to get the crowd to "Yes" along. Henry goes in for a hug for about a second and picks Bryan up for a bear hug. Bryan screams in pain. Bryan claps Henry's ears a couple of times to escape. We only see the first one. Remember kids, it's OK to clap your friends' or siblings' ears once, but anything more is against the rules.

Henry knocks Bryan down with a shoulderblock but misses with a splash. Ziggler laughs and says that was a bonehead move by Henry. We cut to Ziggler as he continues to amuse himself by laughing and says Henry looked so dumb. Josh starts to looks concerned and we see Henry approaching the announce table. Henry roars at Ziggler, what he is laughing at. Ziggler says Josh told him a joke.

Henry walks away and gets back in the ring as Bryan begins to stomp him and hits No Kicks. Bryan charges at Henry in the corner and covers him but Henry kicks out by throwing Bryan through the ropes, to the floor. Bryan gets back in and runs into a clothesline but takes out Henry's leg. Bryan goes up top and flies but Henry catches him. Henry drops Bryan in the WSS for the win.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

Josh Mathews signs-off and we abruptly go off the air.

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