ROH TV Recap: Five Man Scramble, Edwards Vs. Fish, More

Ring of Honor Wrestling TV opens this week with a recap of Jay Briscoe winning the ROH World Championship from Kevin Steen at Supercard of Honor. Then, things go to the ring and Nigel McGuinness is surrounded by the Honor portion of the locker room. He calls out Jay Briscoe. Briscoe comes down to the ring and talks about his win and what it means for the company. He says he is open to anyone challenging him.

Adam Cole comes into the ring and thanks Briscoe for beating Steen and congratulates him on his win. He says that he will win his title shot in Toronto because he is the future of wrestling. Briscoe says that Cole has big ba*** and he respects him, but he is going to get his ass whipped in Canada.

Then, a video with reDRagon is shown. Bobby Fish says he won't hold anything back in his match against Eddie Edwards. Edwards is then shown and he talks about NOAH. He tells Taiji Ishimori that the hunt is on. Then, he talks about his match tonight. He says he will defeat Fish.

Eddie Edwards (with Davey Richards) vs. Bobby Fish (with Kyle O'Reilly)

They tie up and chain wrestle for a few minutes. Fish comes out on top and lands a series of kicks. Edwards sends Fish to the corner and lands some big chops. He then lands some kicks of his own, followed by more chops. Edwards takes Fish to the corner again and lands more chops. Fish heads to the outside. Edwards follows him and lands more chops. Things head back into the ring and Fish is able to get some offense in. He goes for a backdrop Suplex, but Edwards counters into an enziguri. Fish comes back quickly with a series of kicks.

Back from commercial and Fish hits Edwards with a flying knee for a near pin fall. Edwards comes back quickly with more chops. Fish backdrops Edwards to the apron. Fish charges him but misses and crashes to the floor. Edwards goes for a moonsault from the apron but misses and his leg collides with the barrier. They head back into the ring. Edwards goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, followed by more chops. He charges Fish, who puts his boot up. He goes up top to capitalize, but Edwards hits him with an enziguri.

Edwards locks in a single leg Boston crab. Fish gets out quickly and lands a dragon screw. He charges Edwards, who puts an elbow up. Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party, followed by a Superkick. Fish comes back quickly with a falcon arrow. He goes up top for a double boot stomp, but Edwards counters with a lariat. Edwards goes for a double boot stomp of his own and Fish counters with a quick roll up for the win.

Winner: Bobby Fish

Alabama Attitude vs. QT Marshall and RD Evans

Evans cuts a promo before the match starts. He talks about how he is the perfect partner for Marshall and he is the peanut butter to his jelly. Corey Hollis and Marshall start things off. They tie up and chain wrestle briefly. Evans tags himself in. Hollis lands a dropkick to his knee. Mike Posey comes in and hits a leg drop for a near pin fall. Attitude do some double team moves. Posey gets tossed into the ring post by Marshall. Evans capitalizes with a snapmare. Marshall comes in and he and Evans hit a backbreaker and neckbreaker combo.

Marshall goes for a Nelson bomb, but Posey reverses. He charges Marshall, who puts an elbow up. Marshall lands a pumphandle Suplex. Evans tags himself in. He goes for a boot, but Posey ducks it and makes the tag to Hollis. Hollis knocks Marshall from the apron, followed by a crossbody to Evans. He keeps the attack up on Evans. Marshall comes in to make the save but accidentally drops an elbow on Evans. Posey kicks Marshall from up top. Attitude tries to keep the attack up, but Marshall hits Hollis with God's Gift and Evans sneaks in with the pin for the win.

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