ROH TV Recap: Five Man Scramble, Edwards Vs. Fish, More

Winners: QT Marshall and RD Evans

After the match, Marshall is angry that Evans stole the pin. A video is then shown with Davey Richards and he talks about his opponent at Border Wars, Naomichi Marufuji. He says he will send him back to Japan in a box.

Mark Briscoe vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Mike Mondo vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Caprice Coleman- Five Man Scramble For The #1 Contendership To The World TV Championship

Before the match, Roderick Strong comes to the ring and complains about not being given a title shot. He says he doesn't understand why Mondo is getting a title shot and he isn't. Strong says that Mondo doesn't belong and Mondo takes him to the mat. They start fighting and a bunch of refs pull them apart.

Briscoe and Whitmer start things off. They tie up and chain wrestle for a few moments. Then, Coleman and Alexander get tagged in. They briefly go back and forth and Mondo comes in for Alexander. He gets a roll up on Coleman, who kicks out. Mondo lands a few arm drag takedowns, followed by a shoulder block. Whitmer comes in for Coleman. They exchange chops. Mondo gets tossed to the outside and Whitmer hits a dive. Alexander then hits a somersault dive to the floor, taking them both out. Coleman takes Briscoe out in the ring and then hits a springboard to the outside, taking everyone else out. Finally, Mondo hits a moonsault and takes everyone out on the floor.

Briscoe kicks Mondo through the ropes. He sends him back into the ring and lands a Samoan drop, followed by a dragon Suplex. Coleman comes in and punches Briscoe a few times, followed by a series of Northern Lights suplexes. Whitmer comes in for Briscoe and lands a fisherman's Suplex on Coleman. Mondo comes in for Coleman and hits Whitmer with an ace crusher. Alexander comes in and lands a superplex. Briscoe hits a Froggy Bow as soon as the superplex hits the mat for the quick win.

Winner and number one contender: Mark Briscoe

After the match, Jay Briscoe comes down to the ring and the two pose together to end the show.

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