Views From The Turnbuckle: The Case Against Finishers

Historically, finishing moves have not always been as significant or apparent as they are today. Ric Flair and the Figure-our, but he hardly won a majority of his matches using that move. No, Flair won a substantial amount his matches using a variety of roll-ups and cradles. Every time Flair did a small package or an outside cradle, drama was being portrayed because Flair often won using those moves. And who is regarded as easily being one of the top five wrestlers to ever lace them up? Why Ric Flair of course.

The undoing of finishing moves is a pipedream of course. Where wrestling is currently, there really is no way to get rid of finishers. Without finishing moves, guys who are limited in their skills and have restricted move-sets would be reduced and guys with a wide-range of moves would stand out. Guys such as Big Show, John Cena and even Randy Orton would all be hampered, which is obviously something the WWE would not be interested in doing.

Historically, the trend is that finishers are becoming more and more prevalent in wrestling. In the late 80s, not everyone had a true finisher, before that only a select few had even signature moves. Before Hulk Hogan and the national expansion of the WWF, a wrestler who only relied on half a dozen moves would never have been able to make it in the big time.

I am a huge fan of wrestling presently. When done right, a match taking place in 2013 could easily trump a match that happened 10, 20, 30 years ago, in my opinion. But in this case I guess I can be considered old-school, because the over-reliance on finishing moves has to go.

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