Former Star Needs New Kidney, Says WWE Isn't Willing To Help Legitimate Medical Issues

Source: Dr. Jerry Wiseman of

A benefit show that was scheduled in April to help raise funds to defray the costs for Horne had to be canceled. "I have to go to Charlotte for more tests, to make sure I am healthy enough for the surgery. I have to lose about 20 more pounds and come up with the money before they (doctors) will even consider it though," Horne stated.

Out of sight out of mind seems to be a disease many veterans of the squared circle suffer from, they are all too often forgotten about once they are no longer on TV or not part of a national wrestling group. There are a number of former wrestlers who are dealing with lingering injuries and medical problems who have to suffer because they do not have the resources to seek the proper care and sometimes surgery. Although many believe some of the veterans "made tons of money" while they were in the spotlight that is not often the case since in the 80s and 90s wrestlers were responsible for their own transportation, lodging and food as well as trying to maintain a home and family.

There have been campaigns using platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to raise funds to help some of those in need get capital for much needed surgery including Scott Hall and Marty Janetty. Such a campaign is currently being considered for Horne and there are other benefit shows in the developmental stage but for now Horne remains optimistic and hopeful.

"I thank God every day he lets me see the sunshine."

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