NXT this week opens with a recap of The Shield's actions last week and Corey Graves' challenge to any member of the group.

Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger

They circle around each other and tie up. Kruger backs Gabriel into the corner and the ref breaks them up. They exchange chops back and forth. Kruger hits a kick to the gut, followed by a pair of shoulder knockdowns. Gabriel lands an arm drag takedown and keeps Kruger's arm locked in. Kruger gets to his feet but Gabriel whips him back to the mat and goes back to work on his arm. Kruger backs him into the corner and then hits a spine buster. He kicks Gabriel in the back of the neck and then elbows his chest repeatedly.

Gabriel counters with a monkey flip. Gabriel lands a series of kicks. He lands a clothesline, followed by another kick. He tries to hit a springboard something, but Kruger hits the ropes and Gabriel falls to the mat. Kruger hits a huge clothesline for a near pin fall. He tries to lock in a submission, but Gabriel kicks him in the face and locks in a Fujiwara arm bar. Kruger makes it to the ropes. Gabriel whips Kruger into the corner and kicks him off the middle rope in the chin. He goes up top and Kruger stops him. Kruger climbs up, but Gabriel hits him off.

Kruger headbutts Gabriel and then tries for a superplex, but Gabriel delivers forearms to the back. Kruger knocks Gabriel off the turnbuckle and lands a double boot stomp. He then locks in an inverted key lock and Gabriel taps.

Winner: Leo Kruger

After the match, a recap of NXT AXXESS from Wrestlemania is shown. It focuses on the NXT stars meeting fans and what they thought of it. Then, Renee Young is backstage with Paige. Young says that the conflict has been escalating between Summer Rae and Paige. Paige says all Summer does is run from her. Paige says she is sick of it. She says she wants her in a match, one on one. Paige says Summer doesn't have the guts to face her and that's why she runs. Summer then runs up and attacks Paige from behind.

Then, a video is shown where Corey Graves talks about his tattoos and what they mean to him.

Bayley vs. Emma

They tie up and Bayley locks in a waist lock. She hits a standing dropkick and Emma tries to leave the ring. Bayley grabs her feet and pulls her back in. Emma kicks her off and they exchange quick pin attempts. Bayley slams Emma's head to the mat and then cranks her neck. Emma fights to her feet and Bayley slams her back to the mat. She then cranks Emma's neck again. Emma fights out but Bayley whips her into the corner. She charges Emma, but Emma moves and locks in a tarantula.

She breaks it up and then charges Bayley in the corner with a crossbody. Emma then slingshots Bayley's face into the mat and locks in a bridged back Indian death lock. Bayley taps out.

Winner: Emma

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Bray Wyatt (with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper)

They circle around each other and tie up. Tatsu locks in a side headlock and Wyatt tosses him into the corner. He charges Tatsu, but Tatsu puts a boot up. He leaps over Wyatt from the top rope and Wyatt lands a flying cross body. He then punches repeatedly Tatsu in the corner. Wyatt then hits a body avalanche and dances with Tatsu around the ring. He hits his swinging reverse STO for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, he hits his finisher again. He then grabs a mic and says everyone on NXT is a puppet to him. He says what he did to Tatsu was a message and he hopes everyone understands. He says that there is no one on earth greater than him.

Corey Graves vs. Seth Rollins- Lumberjack Match

Rollins kicks Graves in the gut and raises his arms above his head. Graves punches Rollins and Rollins unleashes a flurry of back forearms. He takes Graves into the corner and kicks him multiple times. Graves reverses and sends Rollins into the corner and then unloads punches. Rollins bails to the apron and Graves pulls him back into the ring. He body slams Rollins and then lands a fist drop. He kicks Rollins in the gut and then Rollins reverses with a punch to the chest.

He whips Graves into the corner and then lands a flying punch. He attempts another but Graves moves and heads up top. Rollins kicks him off to the floor and the lumberjacks send him back in. Back from commercial and Rollins is choking Graves on the ropes. He hits a knee to the gut and then locks in an abdominal stretch. Graves gets to his feet and Rollins knees him in the gut. Rollins gets whipped and then lands a stiff leg flying kick.

Rollins then locks in a body scissors. Graves fights out, but Rollins lands a clothesline. He then repeatedly stomps Graves in the head. He locks in a camel clutch and Graves fights back to his feet. Graves lands a series of punches, but Rollins lands a knee to the gut. Graves boots Rollins in the face and tries to charge him in the corner, but Rollins drops him into the turnbuckle. He goes up top and jumps at Graves, who moves. Graves hits a high knee to the temple, followed by a clothesline.

Rollins bails to the outside and the lumberjacks send him into the ring. He goes up top and Graves dragon screws him off to the mat. Rollins rolls out and the lumber jacks send him back in.

Graves lands a gourd buster as Ambrose and Reigns come down to ringside and attack all the lumberjacks. Ambrose clotheslines Graves from the apron. Rollins hit his standing shiranui for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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