Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

Storm runs up the entrance and they scrap on the ramp. They get in the ring and the bell rings. AJ takes control of Storm but Storm hits a high knee and mounts AJ for some strikes. AJ is back in control as we go to break.

AJ hits a suplex as we return to action and goes to a reverse chinlock. Storm fights out and hits a flurry. Storm hits a high back bodydrop and drops him in a modified F5 for 2. Storm puts AJ up top but AJ slips through and hits a dropkick to an upside down Storm in the corner. Bad Influence come down the ramp.

Both Storm and AJ go to the floor and mix it up at ringside. AJ sends Storm back in but Storm hits him with Closing Time. AJ blocks the Last Call and puts Storm in an ankle lock. Storm is forced to tap.

Winner by submission: AJ Styles

Kazarian and Daniels get in the ring to celebrate with and raise AJ's hand. AJ turns on them and lays them out. Storm gets up as AJ leaves up the ramp and Aces & 8's comes out to take Storm and Bad Influence apart. Bully gets on the mic and says they are responsible for destroying TNA's heroes. He says we have no heroes left. Bully tells Hogan that he will call him out next week and tell him to his face that he is the reason why all TNA's heroes are victims.

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