This week, Impact Wrestling had the second installment of programming in Corpus Christi. The main event was stemmed from AJ Styles continuing to walk out when Hulk Hogan and James Storm were trying to get answers from him. As a result of Styles refusing to explain his actions, he was booked in a match against Storm.

The Garett Bischoff/Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle match was a good way to start the show. It was the launchpad to the reign of dominance that Aces and Eights exhibited throughout the night. Major kudos to Angle for continuing to put over Bischoff and Brisco. He is showing how selfless he is, virtually sacrificing himself to build up the younger wrestlers. He should really be the one who has the last laugh against the Aces and Eights, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship again in the near future.

The X Division Championship match of Kenny King vs. Petey Williams vs. Zema Ion was decent. At least we had the pleasure of seeing another Canadian Destroyer from Williams. Although the X Division is showcased again, which is a good thing, this new concept will get old very fast. There needs to be more of a storyline development to keep the title defenses interesting.

For some reason, Magnus continues to get shortchanged, which is not good. Magnus has all the qualities to be a top guy in TNA, but he is not being booked as such. We should see more of TV title involvement from Magnus, and he should be the one who eventually takes it off Devon.

I'm very happy that Mickie James is being utilized correctly again. Other than Tara, she is the most accomplished Knockout in the entire division, and has what it takes to revive the division. The promo that was shown a bit after she defeated Ms. Tessmacher was a good way to get her momentum rolling again in TNA.

The Joseph Park bullying by Bully Ray and Devon was quite interesting. It may be wishful thinking, but this may lead to an Abyss return. Although I like Joseph Park, and think the character still has life in it, the general consensus is that it is time for his "brother" to come back, which is what seems to be formulating.

Aces and Eights continued to show their dominance in the Devon vs. Samoa Joe match, which was good. It did not diminish Samoa Joe at all, because of the interference. Joe's involvement with the Aces and Eights is a good way to keep him on TV. His talents certainly should be displayed in a major angle right now, and this is close enough.

The AJ Styles vs. James Storm match was decent. I expected a bit more out of the two. However, I can ration with the fact that it wouldn't make much sense for the "dark" AJ Styles to showcase his acrobatic moves. He is playing more of a rugged role, which explains why his arsenal was slightly diluted. His new submission finisher was a bit odd. Eventually, I may be convinced that it works with himóbut as of now, not so much.

The end left a cliffhanger and continued to extend the "Whose side are you on?" element of this angle. Him walking away when Aces and Eights attacked Storm and Bad Influence left further suspicion of whether he will be a member. If properly booked, this will continue to be a good portion of the show every week.

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