Source: JR's BBQ

- WFTV in Orlando posted the video report above about the new WWE Performance Center. It contains video of the new facility, as well as comments from Triple H and NXT star Corey Craves.

- Jim Ross posted his latest blog at and blogged about the new facility. He wrote:

"The announcement earlier this week of the construction and soon to be opened for business WWE Performance Center in Orlando is HUGE news for the long term future and success of WWE and is a personal dream come true for me. Back in the mid 90's when we started the developmental system in such markets as Louisville, Memphis, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles, I always wanted to someday have a NFL-like facility where athletes could be trained in all facets of the business. To successfully recruit world class, Division 1 like college athletes, we needed to have a facility that would fit every need and compete with the facilities that many of these high level athletes were accustomed to frequenting."

You can check out Ross' full blog here.

- JR also noted in his latest blog that he ran into Edge and his girlfriend, Beth Phoenix, at the Cauliflower Alley Club earlier this week. Ross wrote that Edge will be heading to Nova Scotia for five months to film episodes of SyFy's Haven, and that Edge will likely be appearing in each episode.

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