WWE SmackDown Results: Orton & Sheamus Vs. Show & Henry, Fandango, The Shield & More

We're back for the entrances by Randy Orton and Sheamus, respectively.

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Mark Henry & Big Show

Sheamus goes to square-off with Mark Henry but Henry backs-out and tags Show. Show hits Sheamus' own forearm spot to him on the apron. Sheamus reverses and hits it on Show the full 10 times as the crowd counts along. Sheamus misses from up top and Show hits him with a mule kick. Show misses with an elbow which gives Sheamus time to tag Orton.

Orton comes in with fury but Show hits a side slam and tags Mark Henry. Henry applies a bear hug on Orton in the center of the ring. Henry rams Orton back into the corner and tags Big Show. Show slows the pace ever further as he takes Orton apart. Orton counters a chokeslam and snaps off a DDT.

Orton makes the hot tag to Sheamus who speeds things up against Show. Sheamus hits a flurry and a battering ram off the top. Sheamus hits White Noise on Show and knocks Henry off the apron. This gives Big Show a window to spear Sheamus. We go to commercial.

Show hits knees to Sheamus' face as we return to action. Show hits the Final Cut for 2. Show suplexes Sheamus and tags Henry who applies a claw to Sheamus' trap muscle. Show tags in for some double teaming and his own claw. Sheamus comes out of the corner and takes out Show's leg out from under him. Sheamus tags Orton and Show makes the tag to Henry. Orton goes to work on Henry and finally knocks him down.

Orton hits a DDT to Henry but Mark kicks out. Show comes in and hits Orton in the kidney behind the ref's back and tags in legally. Orton catches Show and hits the DDT in the ropes. Sheamus and Henry brawl and fall to the floor. Show hits the chokeslam on Orton for the win.

Winners by pin: Big Show & Mark Henry

Show and Henry hug on the outside as we see a replay. Henry and Big Show stand tall on the stage as we go off the air.

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