Thanks to reader Andrew for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in in Plattsburgh, NY:

* The first match was X Division Championship Kenny King vs Rockstar Spud. Both wrestlers received a mixed reaction when they came out. Kenny King successfully retained his X Division Championship via pinfall.

* TNA Knockouts Championship Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky. Gail Kim got a lot of heat from the fans, while Velvet Sky had a everyone cheering for her. This was a good back and forth match which came down to one mistake and Velvet retaining her title via pinfall.

* AJ Styles vs Magnus. Magnus and Aj had a very good match. Magnus had a hard time getting the crowd pumped. He got the fans going, but then AJ reversed a move into a submission hold, winning via submission.

* D-Lo Brown and Devon came out for Devon's match against Joseph Park. That match was mostly talking with Devon getting Park mad. Devon pushed Park three times, which made Park mad and he pushed Devon back. Devon got the upper hand mostly and got the win after D-Lo distracted the referee. Devon low-blowed Park and followed it with a spinebuster to get the pin.

* Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez was next. Morgan talked about how he is the most popular man in TNA and Hernandez runs flying into him, starting the match. The match was very short, it probably lasted about 5 minutes. Morgan picked up the win via pinfall.

A special guest came to the ring. He was a local Upstate New Yorker with cancer. Everybody was cheering for him and Kurt Angle gave him a special reward.

* TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle was the main event. Angle got the biggest pop of the night, and Bully got a lot of heat. Bully Ray was asking the ref to make the fans stop booing. The finish was Bully shove Angle into referee Brian Hebner. Bully tapped to the Angle lock while the ref was out, but Aces & 8's members DOC, D-Lo Brown and Devon hit the ring. They were about to attack Angle, but then Magnus, Hernandez & Joseph Park not the ring. The faces offered to do an 8 man Tag Team Street fight, but Bully Ray decided not to do the match. As they walked out, Angle and the faces celebrated in the ring.

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