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Winner: Tensai

- Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage. Bryan is asking if The Undertaker is here yet so they can go over strategy. Kane tells him not to worry about the Brothers of Destruction. Bryan says they need to be on the same page. Bryan says he has come up with a good plan. Kane says Taker doesn't take orders. Kane tells Bryan do not try and give Taker a hug. Bryan promises he won't. All of a sudden Kane and Bryan get attacked. The camera falls and it looks like The Shield hit them. We go to commercial.

- Josh Mathews is backstage with Ryback and asks him about watching The Shield beat Cena down last week. Ryback wants to meet Mick Foley in the ring later tonight.

Zack Ryder vs. Big E Langston

We go to the ring and out comes Big E Langston. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Zack Ryder. Langston backdrops Ryder to start the match. Big E with body shots in the corner. Ryder dodges a clothesline but Big E fights him off. Big E catches a crossbody and drops Ryder over his knees several times. Big E with a big spear in the corner. Ryder gets knees up in the corner and nails a second rope dropkick. Big E clotheslines Ryder out of the air and nails his finisher for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston

- Back from the commercial and out comes The Undertaker to the ring.

The Shield vs. The Undertaker and Team Hell No

Out next comes Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose through the crowd. They surround the ring and taunt Taker. They hit the ring and Taker fights them off. The pyro goes off and here comes Kane and Daniel Bryan to make the save. There's a big brawl as Taker and Team Hell No clear the ring. We go to commercial with Taker and Team Hell No standing in the ring.

Back from the break and Ambrose is starting out with Bryan. Bryan takes him to the corner with kicks. Bryan drops Ambrose and kicks him some more. Bryan keeps Ambrose on the mat. Kane tags in and dropkicks Ambrose for a 2 count. Kane with right hands and kicks in the corner. Taker comes in and goes at it with Ambrose in the corner. Taker with a big shoulder and a 2 count. Ambrose cuts him off in the corner and turns it around. Taker fights him off and nails Old School. Taker with more offense before a tag to Kane. A "you still got it" chant breaks out for Taker. Reigns comes in but Kane drops him with a right hand. Kane tags in Bryan for some double teaming on Reigns. Bryan with a 1 count.

Kane with more offense as he keeps Reigns on the mat. Reigns makes a comeback and drops Kane for a pin attempt. Ambrose tags in and they triple team Kane. Rollins covers for a 2 count. Rollins chokes Kane on the ropes and keeps him in their corner. Kane fights out of the corner but Ambrose stops him. Reigns comes back in and keeps control of Kane. Kane fights out of a hold and slams Reigns. Rollins comes in off the top but Kane drops him with a right hand. Bryan tags in with kicks to Rollins. They run the ropes and Bryan hits a big clothesline. Bryan with more kicks as the crowd chants. Bryan with a big kick to the head and a 2 count on Rollins. Rollins comes back but Bryan dumps him on the floor. Bryan runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Rollins out on the floor. Bryan goes to the top and hits a dropkick on Rollins in the ring. Bryan misses another in the corner and goes down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins is in control of Bryan. Rollins taunts Taker. Ambrose comes back in to keep the attack on Bryan going. Ambrose with a forearm to the face and a 2 count. Ambrose with knees and a big slam now. Ambrose ties Bryan up in a surfboard and tags in Rollins for a big knee drop from the top. Rollins with a 2 count off the double team. Bryan finally catches a break and tags in Taker. Taker sends Reigns to the floor, pulls Ambrose in and knocks Rollins off the apron. Taker unloads on Ambrose and clotheslines him in the corner. Taker nails Snake Eyes and a big boot on Ambrose. Taker with the big leg drop for a 2 count. Taker calls for a chokeslam on Ambrose and grabs Rollins for one also. Reigns makes the save with a huge spear on Taker. Reigns covers but Taker kicks out at 2. Rollins comes back in but Taker takes him out with a big right hand. Taker with a 2 count on Rollins. Kane tags back in and knocks Rollins down. Kane with a big boot and a sideslam. Kane goes to the top for a big right hand. Kane calls for a chokeslam but Rollins counters and kicks him. Ambrose comes in off the top but Kane chokeslams him. Bryan tags in and goes to the top for the headbutt. Reigns pulls Bryan's foot and he falls from the top. Taker comes over and brawls with Reigns. Rollins and Kane join the fight. Ambrose and Bryan brawl up top. Bryan goes for the headbutt but Ambrose moves and takes the pin.

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