- Triple H posted the Tout above, reminding Paul Heyman that he accepted Brock Lesnar's challenge for Extreme Rules and that he will see Lesnar "in the cage."

- Following tonight's RAW, Jim Ross proclaimed The Undertaker to be the greatest big man in the history of the business. JR wrote on his Twitter, "I mean this respectfully, but #Undertaker IMO has surpassed the immortal Andre the Giant as greatest BIG man in history of the biz. #WWE"

- Kane posted a blog on LewRockwell.com blasting The Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states to collect and remit use tax on purchases shipped into the state from out-of-state retailers. Kane wrote:

"By giving state governments the power to tax Internet retailers, the Marketplace Fairness Act further undermines our already moribund system of federalism. One of the key components of federalism is competition between the states. The idea is that the better the state, the more attractive it will be to individuals and businesses. Folks have the ability to 'vote with their feet' for the system of government and level of freedom that they prefer. Conceivably, if on-line retailers were capturing sales from brick-and-mortar retailers due to sales taxes, the brick-and-mortar retailers would pressure local officials to lower their tax rates to allow them to be more competitive or, if possible, move to states with lower tax rates. We see this happening all the time when consumers go across state lines to buy products that are cheaper in an adjacent state due to lower taxes there. The Internet represents another competitor for state governments in regard to commerce and taxes. Unfortunately, if there is one thing politicians won't tolerate, it's competition."

You can read the full blog by clicking here.

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