Thanks to readers @NomisNiksar, TheAbear53 and Ravi Trivedi for the following results from today's SmackDown tapings in London, England:

Before the show started, there were assorted "Cena," "Woo," "Feed Me More" and "Yes/No" chants. The entire section of the top tier is closed off.

A WrestleMania recap was shown. The crowd is not as active as last night.

Michael Cole and JBL come out. JBL gets a good reaction, and the crowd chants "JBL!"

WWE Main Event:

JBL is in the ring and introduces Mark Henry, who slowly makes his way to the ring. Henry talked about his rivalry with Sheamus. JBL talks Henry into accepting a 4 on 1 gauntlet match, saying that he's the only person who could do it. That match is up first.

* Mark Henry quickly defeated one of the Usos, before pinning the other. There were "Sexual Chocolate" chants from the crowd. He then pinned Santino Marella with the WSS, and The Great Khali is out next, accompanied by Natalya and Hornswoggle. The crowd is chanting for Khali. At one point, Henry hit the WSS, but Khali kicked out at 2. Khali gained the upper hand with a chop, and Henry rolled out of the ring and walked away to get counted out. The Great Khali wins the Gauntlet match.

A video recap is shown of the Triple H - Paul Heyman angle on RAW.

* Matt Striker brings out Zeb Coulter for an interview at the top of the ramp, who is met with loud boos. Jack Swagger comes out and chants, "We the people" to a lot of heat. That ended it for this week's episode.

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