Thanks to readers @NomisNiksar, TheAbear53 and Ravi Trivedi for the following results from today's SmackDown tapings in London, England:

Before the show started, there were assorted "Cena," "Woo," "Feed Me More" and "Yes/No" chants. The entire section of the top tier is closed off.

A WrestleMania recap was shown. The crowd is not as active as last night.

Dark Match:

* Alex Riley defeated Primo (w/ Epico) via pinfall.

Lilian Garcia sang the National Anthem before SmackDown started.

WWE SmackDown:

A video recap is shown of The Undertaker / Team Hell No vs. The Shield match from last night's RAW.

* Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio in a No DQ match is up first. Ricardo Rodriguez got a good pop announcing Del Rio, and the crowd chanted along with him. The crowd was chanting "Si Si!" There were also "Ole Ole" and "We Want Tables" chants throughout. The match saw kendo sticks, chairs and ladders used. Swagger defeated Del Rio in an excellent 12-minute match with the gutwrench powerbomb after hitting him with a ladder.

Sheamus vs. The Big Show and Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry are announced for tonight.

* Layla defeated Aksana.

The Shield is on the screen from backstage, they are gloating about winning yesterday. Dean Ambrose claims he is going to beat the Undertaker, they will square off one-on-one tonight. Ambrose said that he would finish his work from last night.

They are lowering Fandango's entrance, and the crowd erupts and starts Fandangoing when his music hits.

* Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel is up next. The crowd is going crazy chanting "Fandango" and Fandangoing in the stands. Fandango did a bit of Fandangoing himself before hitting Gabriel with a leg drop from the top rope for the win.

A promo for the new Mick Foley DVD, For All Mankind, aired. You can purchase the DVD at by clicking here.

The crowd is chanting "JBL," and Sheamus is out next. Photo courtesy of @NomisNiksar:

* Sheamus vs. The Big Show is next. At one point Sheamus tried to lift Big Show, but Show fell on top of him for a two count. Show followed up with a big splash from the second rope, but Sheamus is out at 2. Show threw Sheamus in the ring post, and the crowd started chanting "Big Show Sucks." "Boring" chants started breaking out. Crowd got back into it as Sheamus regained control. Sheamus hit White Noise, and went for the Brogue kick, but Show slid out of the ring. Mark Henry came in from the crowd and distracted Sheamus by tipping the steps, allowing Show to hit the WMD for the win.

They show tweets from The Rock, with no real reaction from the crowd. Photo courtesy of @NomisNiksar:

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett defeated William Regal in a quick match. A missed knee trembler from Regal led to Barrett hitting the Bullhammer elbow for the win.

A recap of the Triple H - Paul Heyman angle from RAW is shown.

* Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry is next. Orton hit Henry with a DDT from the second rope and started motioning for an RKO, but Henry rolled out of the ring. Sheamus ran out and planted Henry with the Brogue kick, causing Henry to win the match via DQ. After the match, Orton nailed Henry with an RKO and the crowd went nuts.

There was a backstage segment with Matt Striker and Booker T. A bunch of stars interrupted.

The Undertaker comes out and the arena erupts. The Shield makes their usual entrance through the crowd. It appears that this match is televised, as the announcers are still out. Photo courtesy of @matthewconnell :

* The Undertaker defeated Dean Ambrose in a 7-8 minute match. Undertaker was able to hit a chokeslam. Shortly after, 'Taker locked in Hell's Gate and Ambrose tapped! The Shield enter the ring and attack 'Taker. They brawl to the outside, and 'Taker grabbed a chair, but before he could us it, Roman Reigns speared 'Taker through a barrier and the crowd chanted "Holy Sh-t!" Ambrose then nailed 'Taker with chairshotsThe Shield continue to beat on 'Taker and triple powerbomb him through the announce table! The crowd is hot and is chanting "You tapped out!" to Ambrose. The crowd boos as The Shield stand over The Undertaker. This appears to be where the show went off the air according to our correspondents.

The New Age Outlaws music hits and they come out. They signal to the entrance ramp and Triple H comes out to a massive pop to fend off The Shield. The reaction when Triple H came out was amazing, it was the biggest pop of the night. A brawl ensues, and DX make quick work of The Shield. Rollins took a fame-asser, followed by a pedigree. After celebrating for a few seconds, DX help 'Taker get to his feet and then go backstage.

Fandango comes out and the whole crowd is Fandangoing! That's all from Smackdown, they keep playing Fandango's music as the crowd leaves.

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