As noted earlier, there has been some confusion about whether the Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker match that took place at yesterday's WWE SmackDown taping in London would be televised, or if it was a dark match.

The initial advertising for yesterday's show billed Undertaker's appearance as a "London exclusive," and his match was originally planned to be a dark match. Since there was no plug on RAW for the Undertaker wrestling on this week's SmackDown, it didn't seem like the original plans changed.

However, by all accounts, the match will be televised. Our correspondents noted that it was the main event of the show, and the televised portion ended with The Shield standing over 'Taker. Also, it wouldn't make sense for the Undertaker to take a triple bomb through a table for a dark match. A promo for the match also aired during the show, which is usually not done for a dark match.

The post-match angle with Triple H and The New Age Outlaws saving 'Taker and chasing off the Shield will most likely not air, and that filled in as the "dark match" for the local fans. You can get full SmackDown spoilers at this link. You can check out a photo from the match below, courtesy of reader Saqib Bajwah.

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