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- Pyro goes off and Cole welcomes us and sends to JBL in the ring. JBL says he is still a wrestling god and he introduces Mark Henry. JBL asks Mark why he decimated Sheamus on the footage and says, "That's what you do." Mark thinks JBL is making fun of him but JBL says he is Mark's biggest fan. JBL says he wants to see Henry in action tonight. Mark says he will face 2 superstars. JBL says Big Show already did that. Henry offers to face 3 men. JBL proposes he face 4 in a gauntlet match. Henry tells him to get out of the ring because he is ready. We go to commercial.

Mark Henry vs. Jey Uso

We're back as The Uso's make their entrance. Jey gets in the ring and charges at Henry but gets knocked down. Mark keeps Jey down with a kick to the head and hits the WSS.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

Mark Henry vs. Jimmy Uso

Jimmy tries to attack from behind but Mark swats him back like a fly and the bell rings. Henry goes right back to work. Henry tries a fall-away slam but Jimmy lands on his feet and lands a superkick; Henry falls in the corner. Jimmy hits the running Stinkface for 2. Henry recovers and hits the WSS.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

- Back from a break as Santino's music hits.

Mark Henry vs. Santino

Santino tries to go at Henry, comically kicking the air. Henry kicks him in the gut and headbutts Santino. Henry continues to slowly strike Santino to the mat. Santino moves in the corner and hits the Cobra. Mark kicks out with authority and Santino goes flying through the ropes. Mark hits the WSS in the ring.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

Khali comes down with Natalya and Hornswoggle as we go to break.

Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali

They get face to face and lock up to a stalemate. They trade strikes. Khali hits chops in the corners. He also lands "kicks" to Henry; if you can call them kicks. Henry takes Khali off his feet and works the left knee. Mark goes for a splash but Khali moves. Khali lands a big boot and a clothesline and finally takes Henry off his feet for 2.

Mark counters the Punjabi Plunge into the WSS but Khali gets his foot on the rope. Khali hits another big boot and a big chop that sends Henry to the floor. Henry decides to leave up the ramp as the ref counts him out.

Winner by count out: The Great Khali

Cole antagonizes JBL about getting Mark Henry into this. Khali and friends dance in the ring.

- Cole sends to footage from RAW and Triple H - Paul Heyman.

- Back from a break as Matt Striker conducts an interview with Zeb Colter on the stage. He asks Zeb about the Triple Threat at Extreme Rules and Jack Swagger's chances of winning. Zeb cuts a promo about America and being surrounded on all sides by enemies. He says Swagger will face Del Rio in a no DQ match this Friday. Swagger comes out and manhandles Striker and repeatedly says, "We the people."

- Cole sends to the RAW Rebound with Mick Foley and Ryback. We see a graphic for Cena and Ryback vs. The Shield for this Monday.

- Back from a break to footage of The Undertaker - Shield match from RAW as we go off the air.

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