Kurt Angle Talks Beating Brock Lesnar Before A Show, If He Should Be Pushed More, Retirement

Source: 105.9 The X

How he got into the ring with Brock Lesnar and got the better of him in an actual wrestling match, before a WWE show once: "Definitely. Let's remember it was wrestling. A lot of people say oh, you couldn't beat him in an MMA fight. Well, it wasn't fighting. It was wrestling. I was a much better wrestler than Brock. He was big, strong, quick, smart, but his technique was a little more simplified. I was a much better technician. I beat him by technique. He weighed about 320 at the time. I was about 215 and I was giving up over 100 pounds. I had a fun time schooling Brock in front of the wrestlers. It was pretty cool."

If he considers himself one of the all time greats: "I can never consider myself one of the best ever. 14 years [the length of his pro wrestling career]. You see Ric Flair, 30 something years. Same with Terry Funk and even Bret Hart, 30 years. Shawn Michaels, 28 years. Triple H, probably 25 plus. For the past five or six years they've been saying that [he's one of the all time greats] and I'm like guys, I've only done it for seven years so far, how good can I be? I can't be compared to guys that have that longevity. I take it as a compliment, but I don't really believe I am."

You can listen to the whole interview here.

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