TNA Impact Results: Hogan & Bully Face-Off, Sting Returns, Knockouts In Action & More, Sound Off

Tara continues to slowly decimate Taryn on the mat. Tara applies an Indian Deathlock into a bridge; she lets go and gets a couple of near falls on Taryn. Taryn tries to come back but Tara drops her in a double-handed chokeslam. Taryn's "hurt face" looks like a smile. This girl is actually smiling while being slammed and beaten.

Tara misses with a legdrop and Taryn starts to build a flurry. Taryn hits a suplex and starts to scream excessively like Kelly Kelly used to. Taryn goes up top and misses with the splash as Tara moves. Tara hits the Spider Web but doesn't got for the cover. Tara starts to shake her booty as she stands over Taryn and gets rolled up for the upset.

Winner by pin: Taryn Terrell

- Robbie E. gives "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jesse Godderz a pep talk in the locker room about his match with Rob Terry. Jesse flexes his bicep and says he doesn't need help.

- Back from a break as the lovely Christy Hemme introduces Rob Terry. Jesse Godderz is introduced by Robbie E. as he touts Godderz as a physical specimen.

Rob Terry vs. Jesse

Rob towers over the large Jesse. Rob takes control but Robbie E. distracts from the floor and Jesse sees an opening to take control. Rob powers back and catches Jesse in a crossbody attempt. He drops Jesse in a powerslam but Robbie breaks the count. Rob stalks Robbie at ringside and sidesteps a charging Jesse and throws him into Robbie.

Rob Terry throws Jesse back in from the floor and hits a spinebuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Rob Terry

- Kazarian and Daniels approach Bobby Roode in the locker room. They talk to him about Fortune. They want it to be the best 4, not James Storm. They say there is no way AJ will say "no" to them. Roode seems to be thinking about it as Bad Influence leaves. Austin Aries is shown eavesdropping from around the wall.

- The announcers discuss and reset. They send to footage from Full Metal Mayhem from 2 weeks ago. Tenay says Jeff Hardy rumors are that he is leaving. Taz calls him a quitter.

- Keneley sends to footage hyping the return of Chris Sabin.

- Chavo and Hernandez make their entrance as we go to break. The tag titles are on the line, next.

- Roode is warming up in the back as he is approached by Aries. He says he has the greatest hearing that ever lived. He wants to know about Fortune. He says if Fortune was so great, why did they vanish? Aries says he is going out there to win back the tag titles and he would like Roode to be there with him.

- Bad Influence as joined commentary as Roode and Aries make their entrance to Roode's music.

TNA Tag Team Titles: Chavo & Hernandez (c) vs. Roode & Aries

Chavo squares off with Aries and they go to a stalemate. The crowd chants for Aries and then Chavo. Aries and Chavo lock up and Aries puts on somewhat of a clinic. Chavo gets up as Aries plays to the crowd and hits a dropkick. Chavo continues with a flurry and sends Aries hard into the corner. Aries counters a head scissors and drops Chavo. Aries tags Roode forcefully and makes him break his concentration on Bad Influence at ringside. Roode reluctantly gets in the ring and falls victim to Chavo and then Hernandez.

Hernandez hits his delayed vertical suplex on Roode and Aries comes in but he gets gorilla pressed. Hernandez goes to the ramp and does Air Mexico but he kisses the mat. Roode gets into position and gets a couple of near falls. We see the Spanish broadcast team in an inset shot. Roode continues offense and tags Aries in. Aries springs in and resumes control of Super Mex.

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