TNA Impact Results: Hogan & Bully Face-Off, Sting Returns, Knockouts In Action & More, Sound Off

Mickie James hits a Thesz Press from the top but only gets 2. Mickie counters In Your Face with a suplex. Velvet counters a DDT but can't capitalize because of her knee and Mickie kicks her to the mat. Mickie goes to roll Velvet up but Velvet hits a small package for the win.

Winner by pin And Still TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

- Bully and Devon talk in the back over beers, presumably about Brooke Hogan. Devon says he wants a shot at her. Bully says he is done with her and that Devon can have her. Bully tells Devon to let it sink in that they are the greatest tag team in history and they are the leaders of a pack of warriors. Bully says he is about to put the final nail in the coffin of Hulkamania. How many times have I heard that in 25 years?

- Brooke approaches her father in his locker room as he tapes his fists. She doesn't want him to go out there because this is her fault. He says he loves this business and that he has to do this. He gives her his cross pendant and she tells him to be careful. She leaves and Hogan asks himself, "Man, what am I doing?"

- We're back with 9 minutes left until the top of the hour as Bully Ray makes his way to the ring. He reads-off the names of Aces & 8's victims and says there is one left. He calls Hogan out. Hogan's music hits and he walks to the ring in a slight power-walk and with his fists taped up. He gets in the ring and gets in Bully's face as Bully demands the music be cut off.

Bully asks his "dad" how his knee is. He says Hogan can fool the fans but he will never fool him. He says he sees fear in Hogan's eyes because Bully reminds Hogan of Hogan, himself. Bully says he is the last of a dying breed and he going to end Hulkamania. Bully is just fantastic here as the fans "What" him. Hogan says Hulkamania will never die.

Bully turns his hat backward and straight up spits in Hogan's face. Hogan wipes it as he turns and shakes his head. Bully plays to the fans as Hogan tears off his shirt and "Hulks Up." Bully turns around with the famous finger in his face, "You!" but he is unimpressed and unafraid. He points back, "You!" Hogan looks afraid.

Bully says, "Screw you dad" and swings at Hogan. Hogan blocks it and hits Bully with a couple of shots and sends him in but Bully escapes to the floor. Aces & 8's come down and Bully tells them to surround him. As they get on the apron the lights go out. They come back on and Sting has his bat in Hogan's neck in the corner. Bully reacts and Sting turns to put the bat in this throat. All hell breaks loose as Hogan and Sting clear the ring.
Sting puts his bat in Hogan's face again and he backs out of the ring as Hogan's music hits. Hogan looks confused as we go off the air.

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